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Shooting At University Of Nevada, Las Vegas – 3 Killed: How It Started And What We Know So Far

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Shooting At University Of Nevada

It was meant to be just another regular day on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Students were going about their usual routine – attending classes, studying, meeting with friends. Some were even gathered outside Beam Hall building for some fun activities like building Legos and eating food.

But in a matter of minutes, their lives changed forever.

Shortly before noon on December 6, 2023, terror and tragedy struck the UNLV campus. A lone gunman opened fire inside Beam Hall building, killing 3 people and injuring at least one other.

As per reports, the shooting started on the fourth floor of the building. The gunman went floor to floor, indiscriminately shooting at anyone in his path. The attacker was only stopped when the campus police officers arrived on scene and engaged him in a shootout. The officers shot back in self-defense, killing the perpetrator.

The entire incident lasted less than 15 minutes but left the UNLV community shocked and devastated.

Here is everything we know so far about this senseless and heinous act of violence on the university campus:

The Shooting Started At Around 11:45 AM Inside Beam Hall Building

According to police reports, the first calls about an active shooter on the UNLV campus came in at approximately 11:45 AM local time. The calls stated that shots were being fired at Beam Hall building.

Beam Hall is a five-story building on the UNLV campus that houses classrooms and faculty offices from various departments including film, economics, psychology, and more. At the time of the shooting, there were students and faculty members present inside the building either attending classes or meetings.

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The gunman started his shooting spree on the 4th floor of Beam Hall. He then went floor to floor firing multiple shots indiscriminately and injuring or killing anyone who crossed his path.

Terrified students and staff barricaded themselves inside classrooms and called 911 for help. The gunman kept moving downwards till he reached the ground floor where the police finally confronted him.

3 Killed, 1 Critically Injured In The Shooting

The tragic incident left 3 people dead and one other critically injured. The identities of the deceased victims have not yet been revealed by the authorities who are still in the process of informing their next of kin.

As per police officials, the lone critically injured victim was rushed to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center soon after being shot. He underwent emergency surgery and his condition was upgraded to stable later on.

Apart from those shot, 4 other UNLV students suffered severe panic attacks during the incident and had to be transported to the hospital. A few police officers also sustained minor injuries while exchanging fire with the shooter.

The loss of 3 young lives has left the entire UNLV community grief-stricken. Counseling services are being offered to help students and staff cope with the trauma.

The Attacker Was Shot Dead By Campus Police

The quick action of campus police saved many innocent lives that day.

According to Sheriff Kevin McMahill, as soon as the calls came in, campus police rushed to Beam Hall to confront the shooter. They could hear the gunshots even before entering the building.

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The officers tracked down the attacker and eventually engaged him in a close quarter shootout on the ground floor. The shooter was shot multiple times during the faceoff and died on the spot from his injuries.

Sheriff McMahill hailed the bravery of the campus cops and said that their timely intervention prevented the gunman from claiming many more victims in his senseless rampage.

Officials have so far not formally named the attacker or revealed his identity. Sources familiar with the investigation also have not provided any specifics about the shooter.

The police are still investigating the background and motive behind the attack. Officials assured that there is no further threat to the university as the lone attacker is dead. But they admitted the shocking nature of this mass shooting on campus has left students and faculty feeling unsafe. The UNLV administration is working to address these concerns.

Entire UNLV Campus Was On Lockdown For Hours

Moments after the shooting began, the entire campus was placed on lockdown by university officials. An emergency alert was sent to all students and staff urging them to find safety immediately by sheltering in place.

With an active shooter on the loose, chaos and confusion reigned on campus. Terrified students hid inside classrooms and sent panicked texts to friends and family. Local news channels even showed footage of some students evacuating buildings with their hands raised.

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The lockdown lasted for several hours until police completed an entire sweep of all university buildings. Officials kept evacuating different buildings one by one while ensuring the safety of all those inside.

It was an agonizing wait for anxious parents too who rushed to campus after hearing the news. Most could only get updates via social media and local news amidst the lockdown.

Late Wednesday night, almost 8 hours after the attack began, the lockdown was finally lifted completely.


The deadly gun attack at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas left an entire community shaken to its core. In one awful moment, everything changed for the students and faculty members present on campus that day.

While heroic officers prevented further bloodshed by taking down the attacker, three innocent victims still lost their lives in this tragedy. The motives behind the attack remain unclear even as police dig into the killer’s background.

In the aftermath of this harrowing incident, the UNLV administration now faces the monumental challenge of restoring a sense of safety and normalcy on campus. Providing counseling and support services to traumatized students and staff will also be crucial in the days and weeks ahead.

The scars from such a horrific mass shooting incident take time to heal. But the resilience and unity of the UNLV community will hopefully help them endure this darkest chapter in the university’s history. Las Vegas sends hope, prayers and condolences.

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