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Powerful 5.6-Magnitude Quake Rocks Central Turkey, Buildings Damaged

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A powerful earthquake violently shook buildings and sparked chaos in central Turkey on Thursday, serving as another stark reminder that the nation remains highly vulnerable to devastating seismic events just over a year after a catastrophic temblor brought widespread death and destruction.

The 5.6 magnitude quake erupted near the town of Sulusaray in Tokat province, some 280 miles east of the capital Ankara, according to officials. While there were no immediate reports of fatalities, the violent tremors triggered scenes of panic across the region and caused significant damage to homes and other structures.

In the village of Bugdayli near the epicenter, residents looked on in horror as traditional mudbrick and wooden houses violently swayed and collapsed in on themselves. Barns and outbuildings were also reduced to piles of rubble by the forceful shaking.

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“It was terrifying – the ground wouldn’t stop moving and buildings started crumbling all around us,” said Emine Kaya, a local resident. “We just ran outside, afraid for our lives.”

Elsewhere in Tokat province, a two-story apartment building in the city of Yozgat pancaked onto the street below in a twisted heap of concrete and rebar. Apocalyptic scenes played out across the region as panicked citizens fled into the streets, some screaming hysterically as lamp posts careened back and forth.

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“Everything was swaying unnaturally, it felt like we were on a ship getting tossed around by massive waves,” recounted Turhal resident Ozcan Baran. “Most people are too afraid to go back inside now after that horrific quaking.”

Indeed, hours after the main tremor, images showed crowds of shellshocked residents still milling about in streets, too unnerved to return to their homes or places of work. The quake was preceded by foreshocks of 4.7 and 4.1 magnitude earlier in the day near Sulusaray.

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The strong seismic activity highlights the constant seismic risks facing Turkey, one of the world’s most earthquake-prone nations situated atop major fault lines. Last February, a 7.8 magnitude quake brought devastation to southeast Turkey and northwest Syria, killing over 59,000 people.

While not reaching those same catastrophic levels, Thursday’s sizable quake nonetheless inflicted major damage and trauma across parts of central Turkey. Authorities said they were closely monitoring for any additional aftershocks as search and rescue efforts continued.



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