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Teen Hacker Who Leaked GTA 6 Footage Sentenced to Lifelong Hospitalization After Judge Deems Him Continued Threat

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New York, NY – An 18-year-old British teenager has been sentenced to lifelong hospitalization after being deemed a continued threat to public safety for his role in high-profile cyberattacks, including one that resulted in significant leaks of footage from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 video game.

The teen, Arion Kurtaj, infiltrated the systems of developer Rockstar Games earlier this year while under police supervision in the UK, using only minimal equipment including an Amazon Firestick, mobile phone, and a hotel television. Kurtaj was a member of the hacking collective Lapsus$, which has been attributed to major breaches at companies like Uber, Nvidia, and others resulting in over $10 million in damages.

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Despite being diagnosed with autism, the presiding judge determined that Kurtaj’s extreme talent for hacking and repeat offenses indicated he should remain hospitalized indefinitely. Representatives from Rockstar Games testified that Kurtaj’s attack cost the company upwards of $5 million in recovery efforts and thousands of lost employee hours.

The breach saw early test footage from GTA 6 uploaded online, representing one of the biggest leaks in gaming history. With the title still years away from release, the leaks offered fans an unprecedented glimpse into development but also disrupted Rockstar’s careful marketing plans.

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Cybersecurity experts say the sentence reflects ongoing concerns about super-skilled teenage hackers who participate in cybercrime seemingly more for thrill-seeking than financial gain.

“Hackers like Kurtaj present a unique threat given their age and singular focus on compromising high-value targets,” said Dr. Isaac Sherman, a cybercrime researcher at New York University. “Though autism may explain his motivations to a degree, the judge clearly felt that only total restriction of his internet access could prevent further serious attacks.”

The hospitalization order comes during a turbulent week for hacks in the gaming industry. Just days ago, Sony developer Insomniac Games confirmed it had experienced a ransomware attack resulting in company data being leaked online. While the scale and impact of that breach remains under investigation, it highlights growing risks of cyberattacks on major studios.

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With Kurtaj confined indefinitely, authorities hope to deter copycats from similar hacking sprees. But his case also casts light on ongoing challenges of balancing punitive and rehabilitative justice for young perpetrators — albeit very gifted ones — like him. Going forward, the gaming industry will likely need to redouble cybersecurity efforts to guard against individuals who often prove as motivated as they are talented in the art of infiltration.

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