Charlie Sheen Allegedly Attacked By Neighbor At Malibu Home

Actor Charlie Sheen was the victim of an alleged assault at his Malibu, California residence on Wednesday, according to law enforcement sources. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call regarding a battery and disturbance at Sheen’s home around 1PM.

Upon arrival, deputies learned that Sheen had answered a knock at his front door only to have his shirt grabbed and be put into a stranglehold by the perpetrator. The assailant was identified as 47-year-old Electra Schrock, Sheen’s neighbor. After the attack, Schrock returned to her own home nearby.

Paramedics came to examine Sheen but he did not require hospitalization for his injuries. Schrock was placed under arrest by the LASD for assault with a deadly weapon, force likely to cause great bodily injury, and residential burglary. She now awaits formal charging by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

This was not the first conflict between Sheen and Schrock. Just one day prior, Schrock had allegedly left trash on Sheen’s doorstep which prompted a dispute between the two. Their neighborly relationship had been deteriorating for some time according to sources close to the situation.

The 58-year-old Sheen had a long, successful career in Hollywood as one of the highest paid television actors ever. At the peak of his fame starring on the sitcom “Two and a Half Men”, he earned as much as $1.8 million per episode playing the character Charlie Harper.

His personal life often made headlines as well, specifically drug and alcohol issues that lead to erratic behavior. In 2011, Sheen was infamously fired from “Two and a Half Men” after publicly insulting series creator Chuck Lorre and giving bizarre interviews where he claimed to have “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA”.

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After years of substance abuse problems, Sheen has said he has been sober for close to six years now. He focuses most of his time on raising his 14-year-old twin sons Max and Bob as a single father.

When speaking to People magazine earlier this month, Sheen commented “I have a very consistent lifestyle now. It’s all about single dad stuff and raising my 14-year-old twin boys.”

The LASD continues to investigate the alleged attack on Sheen while Schrock sits in custody. Prosecutors will now decide whether or not to file formal charges against her. Sheen did not suffer major physical injuries but the incident surely brought back difficult memories from his past with Schrock.

This high profile case involving one of Hollywood’s most well-known figures will be monitored closely. It also serves as a reminder that disputes with neighbors can easily escalate out of control. Sheen is fortunate the injuries were not more serious given the nature of the assault.

As more details emerge, legal consequences for Schrock will also become clearer. For now, authorities are sorting out exactly what drove her to violently confront actor Charlie Sheen in his own home. Sheen just hopes he and Schrock can find a way to peacefully coexist in the same Malibu neighborhood.

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