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Lexus Rises From The Ashes With Record Sales In Australia

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After a challenging 2022 that saw sales plunge nearly 25%, luxury automaker Lexus has staged a mighty comeback in 2023 – almost doubling sales from the previous year. Powering this phoenix-like resurgence are hot new models packed with the latest technology and eye-catching designs that have struck a chord with Australian buyers.

The darling leading Lexus’s charge back to prominence? That would be the all-new fifth generation RX SUV. This midsize luxury ride saw an astonishing 92.4% explosion in sales over 2022, allowing it to dust rivals like the Mercedes-Benz GLE, Range Rover Sport, Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7. Underpinning the RX’s roaring success is a bold new look, improved handling and upgraded tech like a 14-inch touchscreen and available 21-speaker Mark Levinson audio – though its hallmark serene ride remains intact.

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Yet the RX wasn’t the only Lexus model posting triple-digit sales hikes. The compact UX crossover enjoyed a similarly stratospheric 103.9% boost versus 2022 – proving that Lexus has momentum across multiple segments. Rounding out the sales upswing were strong showings from Lexus SUV mainstays like the Land Cruiser-based LX full-size SUV, as well as the midsize NX. Even Lexus sedans and sports coupes got in on the action, as both the executive-focused ES and LC performance coupe logged their own respectable increases versus 2022.

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So with Lexus finishing 2023 on a decidedly high note, what does the Toyota luxury brand have in store moving forward? The early rumor mill hints at an all-new GX SUV for 2024, expected to take the refined Lexus treatment upscale from its Toyota Land Cruiser Prado roots. If precedent holds true, this upcoming GX could lift Lexus to even greater heights in the Australian luxury SUV space. And it may need to, with Lexus still chasing down rivals Audi and Volvo here after trailing both premium makes in 2023 sales.

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But with the shockingly quick turnaround Lexus has already orchestrated from its 2022 nadir, outpacing expectations appears to be this brand’s new specialty. So another ambitious sales leap could absolutely be in the cards if this reinvigorated Lexus product portfolio keeps clicking Down Under. With the RX exceeding even the most optimistic forecasts and an ascending lineup backing it up, Lexus seems poised to make 2024 the year it returns to true luxury prominence in Australia after this tremendous comeback statement.

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