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Elon Musk Pushes for 25% Voting Control at Tesla

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Elon Musk made waves this week with his declaration on social media that he wants at least 25% voting control at Tesla. The eccentric billionaire said he would be “uncomfortable” expanding Tesla’s AI and robotics efforts without more influence at the electric vehicle company he co-founded.

In a post on the social platform X, Musk stated he needs “enough [shares] to be influential, but not so much that I can’t be overturned.” He currently owns around 13% of Tesla stock, far below the 25% threshold he is seeking.

Musk argued that greater voting power would allow him to confidently drive Tesla’s innovation in cutting-edge areas like artificial intelligence. However, he doesn’t want total control that can’t be challenged. The tentative goal seems to be striking a balance between directing Tesla’s technological vision while allowing space for oversight from shareholders and independent directors.

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Tesla has not yet publicly responded to Musk’s remarks. However, the outspoken CEO made clear he would pursue his AI ambitions outside of Tesla if the company does not meet his demands. That would likely be an undesirable outcome for Tesla, since Musk is their chief visionary and hands-on leader.

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In a follow-up post, Musk indicated he would accept a dual-class share structure to get to 25% voting control. But he claims Tesla told him that was impossible after the initial public offering under Delaware law. Tesla went public in 2010.

Musk currently faces a lawsuit from Tesla shareholder Richard Tornetta over his lucrative CEO compensation package. Tornetta hopes to prove Musk used his influence to obtain an excessive pay deal without working full-time at Tesla. The case puts a spotlight on concerns over corporate governance and Musk’s power.

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This latest move to gain more Tesla voting shares will undoubtedly stir up fresh scrutiny. While Musk argues it is to spur innovation, critics may see it as a power grab. There will likely be much debate aroundchecks and balances for any new share arrangement.

Ultimately, Musk is seeking more sway at the fast-growing automaker he built into a leader of electric vehicle technology. But he will have to convince shareholders and the board that consolidating power is in Tesla’s best interests. Striking the right balance will be key to making his enhanced vision a reality.

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