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Submarine: Dive Deep On This $2 Billion Submersible Superyacht Built for the Ultra Rich

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The new Migaloo M5 is a one-of-a-kind luxury vessel that can plunge 820 feet below the ocean’s surface – but you’ll need billions in the bank to afford it.

For the billionaire with everything, the Migaloo M5 may be the ultimate aquatic toy. This massive 544-foot luxury superyacht isn’t just designed for cruising the open seas in style – it can transform into a private submarine capable of diving 820 feet below the waves.

With a rumored price tag of $2 billion, the M5 is strictly for the ultra rich. But for someone who can foot the bill, it promises an unparalleled seafaring experience. Here’s a closer look at this unprecedented melding of superyacht and submersible.

A Superyacht With Serious Size

There’s no skimping on space with the M5. At 544 feet long and 75 feet wide, it provides more than enough room for 20 guests and 40 crew members. That’s larger than many private yachts, allowing for spacious staterooms, dining areas, lounges and recreation zones.

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Two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a movie theater, wine cellar and helicopter pad are just some of the amenities contained within the M5. The superyacht has a range of over 9,300 nautical miles, so extended voyages are no problem. It can cruise at 20 knots on the surface or 12 knots when submerged.


Transforming Into A Private Submarine

What sets the M5 apart is its ability to transform into a deep-diving submarine. The process takes about four hours as the main decks and towers are hydraulically submerged inside the hull. Once underwater, the M5 can safely descend to 820 feet and remain submerged for up to four weeks.

A cylindrical pressure hull protects passengers as the M5 dives well below where any normal superyacht could go. With panoramic viewing areas, passengers can gaze upon underwater scenery most people will never witness firsthand. The M5 carries smaller submarines and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to further explore the deep.

Built For Billionaires

With its reported $2 billion price tag, the M5 is firmly in the realm of the ultra wealthy. There are only around 2,500 billionaires in the entire world, and most do not have enough cash to acquire this underwater-capable superyacht.

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To put the price in perspective, the M5 costs more than twice as much as the Dilbar, the world’s most expensive yacht at $800 million. It’s over four times more than what Amazon founder Jeff Bezos spent on his 500-foot superyacht Koru.

Clearly, buying the M5 takes reserves that only a handful of billionaires possess. The buyer will also want an adventurous spirit to take full advantage of its diving abilities. But for the billionaire ocean lover who has everything, the one-of-a-kind M5 may be the ultimate floating status symbol and aquatic toy.


Built for Customization

Each M5 will be extensively customized to match the taste of the billionaire buyer. The interior design is left largely up to the owner, whether they desire modern minimalism or over-the-top luxury.

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There is room for creative expression in the cabins, dining areas, lounges, pools and amenities. Of course, the submarine capabilities and safety systems will remain the same for each build.

The Ultimate Seafaring Experience

From its massive size to its exotic materials and features, the M5 is aimed at delivering an unrivaled experience on the high seas. For those few who can afford it, owning this submersible superyacht promises aquatic adventures beyond any private yacht available today.

Whether diving deeper than any amateur sub or hosting lavish parties dockside, the M5 mingles cutting-edge naval engineering with ultra-luxury amenities. It’s a vision of what’s possible when money is truly no object.

While most will only ever admire the M5 from afar, for an elite few billionaires this remarkable seacraft may soon be the ultimate addition to their fleet. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to own the oceans both above and far below the surface.

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