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US Airman Aaron Bushnell Sets Himself on Fire in Protest Outside Israeli Embassy

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An active duty United States Air Force member has sustained life-threatening injuries after setting himself ablaze in an act of protest outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. on Sunday afternoon. The man, identified as Aaron Bushnell, doused himself in a flammable substance and set his body on fire while shouting condemnations of Israeli military actions in Gaza.

Who is Aaron Bushnell?

Aaron Bushnell is a U.S. Air Force service member who engaged in an extreme form of protest against Israel’s military operations in Gaza. In a video live-streamed on Twitch, Bushnell stood outside the gates of the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. dressed in his Air Force uniform.

“I will no longer be complicit in genocide [in Gaza],” Bushnell declared in the video. “I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest.”

He then set his body on fire with a flammable liquid and began shouting “Free Palestine!” repeatedly as the flames engulfed him. Authorities at the scene attempted to intervene, demanding he get on the ground while working to extinguish the fire.

Bushnell has been confirmed as an active duty U.S. Air Force airman by military officials, though his exact rank remains undisclosed. He is currently being treated at a local hospital for life-threatening injuries sustained in the immolation incident.

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What Transpired Outside the Israeli Embassy?

On Sunday February 26th, 2024, Aaron Bushnell arrived outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. dressed in his U.S. Air Force uniform. In a video broadcast live on the streaming platform Twitch, Bushnell can be seen dousing himself with a flammable substance before setting his body ablaze.

“I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest,” Bushnell declares to the camera moments before using a lighter to ignite the liquid covering his body. Flames quickly engulf the airman as he begins shouting “Free Palestine!” repeatedly while stumbling down the sidewalk.

Authorities responding to the scene can be heard yelling “Get down on the ground!” while attempting to extinguish the fire with an extinguisher. However, Bushnell continues stumbling along the pavement for several seconds while completely immersed in flames.

Bystanders watch in horror as the airman collapses to the ground, still shouting as the fire continues burning his body. Emergency personnel work frantically to put out the flames with extinguishers before transporting Bushnell to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The shocking public act of self-immolation lasted less than two minutes from start to finish. No embassy staff were injured in the incident, however the building entrance endured minor residual damage from the fire.

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Bushnell’s Protest Related to Military Actions in Gaza

According to statements made in the livestream video, Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation was an act of protest against Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip. His shouts of “Free Palestine!” indicate a desire to see an end to Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The shocking protest occurred amidst escalating violence in the region, as Israeli forces trade rocket fire with Gaza militant groups. The recent clashes have led to nearly 30,000 deaths in Gaza alone over the last year, predominantly Palestinian civilians per health officials.

Bushnell referenced refusing to be “complicit in genocide [in Gaza]” moments before setting his body ablaze outside the Israeli Embassy. This implies the airman sought to draw attention to the staggering death tolls through his horrific public act.

U.S. policies regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict appear to be a target of Bushnell’s protest. The Biden administration has fielded heavy criticism for vetoing U.N. Security Council resolutions calling for ceasefire agreements on multiple occasions throughout the ongoing Gaza crisis.

Previous Self-Immolation Protests Related to Gaza Conflict

Aaron Bushnell’s public act of self-immolation in protest of Israeli military action draws parallels to other incidents targeting U.S. and Israeli facilities. In December 2023, a similar event transpired outside the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta, Georgia.

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An unidentified woman doused herself with a flammable substance before setting her body ablaze and embracing the consulate flagpole. She sustained severe injuries from the self-inflicted burns and was later charged with arson and criminal trespass.

Both immolation protests likely stem from anger over U.S. policies related to the conflict between Israel and Gaza militant groups. The Biden administration’s perceived unwillingness to intervene against Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories has faced widespread public criticism both domestically and abroad.

The shocking self-harm demonstrations aim not only to condemn Israeli military aggression, but also bring awareness to the staggering Palestinian death tolls. However, health officials strongly warn against resorting to such extreme measures to voice political dissent.

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