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Lost Landing Gear! Plane Drops Tire on Takeoff, Damaging Cars Below: Watch Video

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In a dramatic and concerning incident at San Francisco International Airport on Thursday morning, a tire detached from a United Airlines flight shortly after takeoff, crashing into a parking lot and damaging multiple vehicles.

The United Flight 35, bound for Osaka, Japan, experienced a major malfunction around 11:35 a.m. local time during the takeoff roll. Eyewitness videos circulating online capture the startling moment when a large tire separated from the landing gear and tumbled off the aircraft.

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The footage, shared by the popular aviation watchdog @CaliPlanes on social media, clearly shows the tire bouncing along the tarmac before going airborne and disappearing from view as the jet continued its ascent.

Unfortunately, the dislodged tire did not simply fall harmlessly to the ground. According to authorities, it landed in a nearby airport parking lot, crushing several unoccupied vehicles parked below.

“A portion of the landing gear tire detached from United Flight 35 during takeoff,” a United Airlines spokesperson confirmed in a statement. “The tire impacted some vehicles in a parking lot adjacent to the runway.”

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Remarkably, no injuries have been reported from this shocking incident on the ground or aboard the aircraft, which was able to divert safely to another airport. However, videos depicting the aftermath show severe damage to multiple cars from the impact of the massive tire.

As investigations begin into the cause of this equipment failure, air travel safety experts emphasize that such incidents involving detached tiles are extremely rare but underscore the importance of rigorous aircraft maintenance to protect passengers, crew and those in the vicinity of airports.

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For the unlucky vehicle owners affected, this bizarre episode will likely result in arduous insurance claims processes as they seek compensation for their vehicles unexpectedly demolished by a tire falling from the sky.



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