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Biden’s Not a “Young Guy” But He’s Got Experience (And Humor!)

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Let’s be real, Joe Biden isn’t getting any younger. The dude is 81 years old! But in his latest campaign ad for the 2024 election, Ol’ Joe is leaning into the age thing with some classic self-deprecating humor.

The ad opens with Biden looking straight into the camera and stating the obvious – “Look I’m not a young guy. That’s no secret.” Thanks for the reality check, Joe! We’re all well aware you were around when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

But here’s where Biden gets clever. Instead of trying to pretend he’s a young spring chicken, he spins it as a positive – “But here’s the deal, I understand how to get things done for the American people.” Ah yes, the old “avec experience comes wisdom” angle. Nicely played, Gramps.

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The ad then runs through Biden’s presidential greatest hits – guiding America through the pandemic recovery, taking action on climate change, lowering prescription drug costs, and keeping the economy trucking along. Not too shabby for a fossil!

But Biden doesn’t stop there. He comes out swinging at his likely 2024 opponent Donald Trump, the man he beckons back with a fist full of truth. Biden reminds us that while Trump failed to pass any major infrastructure laws, Brandon got it done. He also calls out Trump for his Supreme Court justices who axed abortion rights – “Trump took away the freedom of women to choose.” Man, Grandpa’s got claws!

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In one of the ad’s most powerful lines, Biden draws a clear distinction between his public service and Trump’s self-service: “Donald Trump believes the job of the president is to take care of Donald Trump. I believe the job of the president is to fight for you, the American people. And that’s what I’m doing.”

So while Trump was too busy combing over his wispy hair, Biden was actually, you know, presidenting. Who would have thought?

At the end, we get one last zinger from the comedy stylings of Joseph Biden. As someone off-camera calls for another take, Biden quips “Look, I’m very young, energetic and handsome — what the hell am I doing this for?” Game, set, match Biden! The self-humility is strong with this one.

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Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit Biden’s new ad is a clever bit of campaign marketing. By poking fun at his advanced age from the get-go, he deftly disarms his critics before making his case as the experienced, get-stuff-done candidate America needs.

And with a $30 million ad budget funding airtime everywhere from ESPN to Comedy Central during March Madness, this cutting vid is guaranteed to be seen by millions of viewers. Biden may be an older dude, but he’s definitely not acting like a man in his twilight years. Consider this the feisty opening salvo in what’s sure to be a bitterly contested 2024 election cycle.



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