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Missing Missouri Student Riley Strain’s Last Steps Captured on Video in Nashville

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NASHVILLE — The mysterious disappearance of a University of Missouri student during a weekend trip to Nashville has set off an intensive search, as police released ominous surveillance footage on Tuesday showing the 22-year-old’s final known whereabouts in the neon-soaked downtown entertainment district.

In the video, Riley Strain can be seen crossing a street alone around 9:47 p.m. last Friday, about 10 minutes before he was kicked out of a crowded honky-tonk bar for being too intoxicated. Despite being just blocks from his hotel at the time, he hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

The Missouri junior’s baffling vanishing act — he was on spring break in Music City with friends from his fraternity — has spurred a manhunt across Nashville, including aerial searches along the nearby Cumberland River. His mysterious disappearance has rattled a city promoting itself as an entertainment playground while also grappling with rising crime and safety concerns.

“For him to go this long without talking is not normal by any means,” Riley’s stepfather, Chris Whiteid, told a local Fox affiliate, describing the situation as a “nightmare.” “He talks to his mom three or four times a day.”

So far, no foul play has been suspected, the police said. But as the hours stretch into days without any sign of the missing student, friends and relatives are growing increasingly desperate and fearful about his fate.

“We are very worried,” said Riley’s mother, Kathy Strain, in an interview. “We love him and want him home safe.”

The events leading up to Riley’s disappearance had begun like any other night of spring break revelry. He and several members of his fraternity, Sigma Pi, were in town for a regional conference. After attending some programming earlier on March 8, the group headed out to party on Nashville’s famous Lower Broadway, a raucous strip of bars and beer gardens.

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By nightfall, they had made their way to Luke’s 32 Bridge, a massive four-story entertainment complex emblazoned with country star Luke Bryan’s name and featuring multiple bars, restaurants and dancehalls spread across 35,000 square feet. It was there, shortly before 10 p.m., that staff determined Riley had gotten out of hand.

“He was trying to pay his tab,” Mr. Whiteid said, recounting what bar workers had told the family. But Riley “had been overserved.”

There was no hostility, his stepfather stressed, just the routine move of expelling an incoherently drunk customer before things escalated. In a brief statement, the venue’s owner indicated it was cooperating with authorities.

What happened next, though, remains a mystery — and has set off waves of speculation online from cyber sleuths trying to solve the disappearance in real time.

Instead of following his friends back to their hotel at the Tempo by Hilton a few blocks away, Riley is seen in the surveillance footage heading in the opposite direction, alone, toward an area adjacent to the Cumberland River and downtown entertainment district’s vast array of beer halls, restaurants and honky-tonks.

His phone last pinged in the vicinity of Public Square Park around 10:30 p.m., Nashville police said, before going permanently dark. Searches along the riverbank and surrounding area have so far turned up no sign of him, nor any witnesses.

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In a city where tourism is the chief economic engine, and security a paramount concern, Riley’s case has become a high priority as the hours drift further from that fateful Friday night.

Extensive resources have been dedicated to finding him, including police dogs, aerial surveys, dive teams and plainclothes investigators canvassing the streets. On Tuesday, police released the surveillance footage of Riley from that evening alongside photos, physical descriptions and a hotline for tips.

“The investigation as to his whereabouts is active,” the police said in a statement. But after dozens of man hours spent searching every corner where he could have wandered off in an alcohol-induced stupor, they acknowledged: “To no avail.”

The lack of clues has left those closest to Riley tormented about where he could have gone — or what could have happened to him in the heart of a city that drew over 14 million visitors last year but has also seen rising violence, including 35 homicides so far in 2024.

“We’re scared and praying for good news,” a friend, Marcus Jenkins, wrote on social media.

Nashville has long enjoyed a reputation as a laid-back, welcoming and family-friendly tourist town where bachelorette parties and colossal bachelorette parties coexist, funneling patrons between rowdy nightspots like Tootsies, Honky Tonk Central and the Downtown Sporting Club. The vibe, in the city’s marketing lingo, is one of “music, hot chicken and friendly smiles.”

But more recently, alarms have been raised about crime and unchecked rowdiness after a series of high-profile violent incidents, including a deadly shooting on Broadway last year that killed three and the stabbing of Grammy-nominated singer Bryson Tiller after a pre-Grammys party.

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In January, Nashville passed a curfew aimed at curbing late-night disturbances in the downtown area. But critics contend it doesn’t go far enough, and new questions are sure to be raised about security in the wake of Riley’s case and how a college student slipped out of sight into the night.

“The city does a good job branding itself as an urban Disneyland where you can have rowdy yet predictable fun,” said Robert Chaunacey, a professor of sociology at Middle Tennessee State University who has written about tourism and crime. “Most of the time, the reality matches that image. But as with anywhere, the night can quickly turn unexpectedly dark.”

For Riley’s family and friends, the painful waiting game continues, with more questions than answers as each chilly spring day dawns without the slightest clue of the bright, ambitious student’s whereabouts.

“Riley, if you’re out there, please call us,” his mother pleaded. “We just want to know you’re OK.”

Outside their room at the Tempo by Hilton, the Nashville getaway his fraternity brothers had envisioned now feels like a far-away dream. The blinking lights of Broadway’s honky-tonks no longer seem so warm and inviting — just a cruel taunt that someone so upbeat and full of promise could simply vanish into their neon haze.

At sunrise on Wednesday, the search for Riley Strain will stretch into its fifth endless day.

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