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First Ever St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Staten Island Welcomes All

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Wowza! Staten Island had a huge party this weekend that was open to any and every person who wanted to join in. On Sunday, the streets were packed for the island’s first-ever St. Patrick’s Day parade that welcomed folks from all walks of life – no matter who they love or how they identify.

In years past, the regular Staten Island St. Paddy’s parade didn’t allow LGBTQ+ groups to march openly under their own banners and flags. Some years, the application forms flat-out banned any “sexual identification agendas” from being represented. But not this time!

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The new inclusive parade was organized by the Staten Island Business Outreach Center, with support from NYC Mayor Eric Adams. It kicked off at noon on Hart Boulevard and snaked its way down Forest Avenue before ending on Broadway. Rainbows and shamrocks filled the streets as marchers from LGBTQ+ organizations like The Pride Center of Staten Island and the Gay Officers Action League celebrated their identities alongside the island’s Irish-American community.

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“We’ve been trying for years to be included, but they always shut us out before,” said Shane O’Neill, a parade attendee marching with The Pride Center’s contingent. “Today was a momentous occasion – to be able to celebrate both my Irish heritage and my identity as a gay man out in the open.”

Wild cheers erupted as the parade’s grand marshals, small business owners and community leaders from both the Irish and LGBTQ+ communities, waved to the crowds lining the route. Bagpipers skirled traditional Irish tunes as colorful floats tossed out green beads and candies to the delight of children watching on.

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After being excluded for so long, the Island’s inaugural inclusive St. Patrick’s Day bash was a joyous, history-making celebration of diversity, acceptance, and community pride. It certainly gave everyone a super fun and very green reason to party!

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