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Krissy Anderson, Former KC Chiefs Cheerleader, Dies from Sepsis Following Childbirth

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The red and yellow pom-poms of the Kansas City Chiefs fell silent this week, their rhythmic sways supplanted by profound sorrow. Krystal “Krissy” Anderson, a former cheerleader who embodied the infectious spirit of the franchise, died on March 20th from complications of sepsis at the age of 40 – just days after suffering the unimaginable grief of a stillbirth.

For Krissy, a woman who dazzled Chiefs fans with her megawatt smile and jubilant dance moves for over 100 games across multiple seasons, the cruelty of her sudden passing has sent shockwaves through the organization and community she so loved.

“It’s all so senseless,” said Amanda Morse, one of Krissy’s former cheerleading teammates, her voice breaking. “One minute she was this radiant force of energy, and the next, she was just…gone. Cruel doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

A Joyous Occasion Turns Tragic

The tragic chain of events began earlier this month with what should have been one of life’s most joyous occasions – the birth of Krissy and her husband Clayton Anderson’s daughter. But joy soon materialized into unrelenting heartbreak when the baby was stillborn.

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In the devastated aftermath, Krissy’s physical condition began deteriorating rapidly. The formerly effervescent cheerleader who would spontaneously burst into dance routines was now fighting for her life, her body rocked by a severe case of sepsis that caused multiple organ failure.

“We were so excited to meet our daughter, and then in an instant, our whole world collapsed,” Krissy’s husband Clayton told reporters, his eyes wet with tears. “Krissy just kept getting sicker and sicker. She had three surgeries, but her organs were failing one-by-one. I’ve never felt so helpless.”

An Unmatchable Zest for Life

For those blessed to know her, Krissy Anderson’s most defining trait was her unrelenting zest for life itself. She was the energizer bunny, but with pom-poms – a beam of sunlight that could illuminate even the darkest of rooms.

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“Krissy just purely loved every single moment, whether it was gameday, practice, or just a random Saturday,” said Morse, her teammate turned sister-in-spirit. “She’d bust out these crazy dance moves during the most mundane errands and have all of us cracking up. That’s what I’ll miss most – her ability to find unabashed joy in simply living.”

Krissy channeled that pure exuberance into becoming a multi-year standout with the Chiefs cheerleading squad between 2006-2011 and 2013-2016. She served as a captain, represented the franchise at the 2015 Pro Bowl, cheered at an international game in London, and even traveled overseas to entertain U.S. troops.

A Legacy to Persevere

While devastated by her passing, surviving family members are striving to celebrate the indelible imprint Krissy left. According to her obituary, she is survived by her husband Clayton, parents Bertha and Burnette Johnson, brother Corey Johnson, and others. Unimaginably, it also notes a previous loss – that of her infant son James Charles.

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In its tribute, the Chiefs organization emphasized that Krissy’s “kind spirit, joyful energy, and sparkle” will never be forgotten. The team vowed to find a way to fittingly honor her legacy at a later date.

For now, those who loved Krissy most are focusing on persevering through their searing heartache by reminiscing on the light she radiated daily.

“Whenever I’m having a bad day in the future, I’ll just think of Krissy and how she could make smiling cool again,” said Morse. “She had this ability to instantly uplift any situation just by being herself – her true, beautiful, authentic self.”

“That’s the gift I’ll carry forever.”

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