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Riley Strains Body had no Pants, Boots and Wallet. Family Demands Second Autopsy

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Nashville, TN – In a case that has left investigators baffled and a family grasping for answers, the mysterious death of 22-year-old Riley Strain has taken a dark turn. The University of Missouri senior’s body was discovered in the Cumberland River under highly perplexing circumstances – he was found without his pants, boots or wallet on him. Despite police initially dismissing foul play, Strain’s shaken family is now ordering an independent second autopsy to unravel the disturbing unknowns surrounding his final moments.

The Chilling Discovery

It was a grim scene on that fateful day in early March when Strain’s lifeless body surfaced in the murky waters of the Cumberland River in West Nashville. According to Chris Dingman, a close family friend, “The only thing that was found with him, as the police stated in the report, was the watch and the shirt.” Where were his other belongings? And how did he end up pantsless in the river? The baffling details have set off alarm bells.

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An Autopsy’s Shocking Revelation

As the investigation pressed on, a medical examiner’s initial autopsy findings turned conventional wisdom on its head. Inexplicably, no water was detected in Strain’s lungs – a highly unusual development that has raised deeply disturbing questions. “Usually, water in the lungs means that they were alive when they went into the water,” Dingman gravely stated during an interview. But if Strain wasn’t alive upon entering the river, what could explain his strange, stripped state?

A Family’s Unwavering Pursuit of Truth

Faced with a maze of unanswered questions, Strain’s grief-stricken loved ones have decided to take matters into their own hands. They have ordered a second, independent autopsy in hopes of shedding light on the shadows that linger over his final hours. “The family deserves more answers than we have,” Dingman declared with palpable anguish. Their persistence is driven by an unshakable sense that the truth remains obstructed.

Potential Witnesses, A Plea for Answers

Compounding the mystery, Nashville police have acknowledged a pressing need to interview more potential witnesses. This includes individuals from a homeless encampment located near where the body was recovered. “I think there’s somebody out there that knows what actually happened that night,” Dingman posited, his voice tinged with desperate hope that someone, somewhere, can offer clarity.

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A 911 Call’s Harrowing Revelation

Newly released 911 audio has captured the spine-chilling moment Strain’s body was first encountered. An employee from building materials company Holcim, working near the river, made the disturbing discovery. “I have just found a dead body. I believe it to be Riley,” the shaken caller informed dispatchers in recordings obtained by WSMV. Those words have undoubtedly echoed through the minds of Strain’s loved ones in their darkest hours.

The Night Everything Changed

According to Riley’s stepfather Chris Whiteid, the final night of the young man’s life took an ominous turn when he was kicked out of the popular Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink establishment owned by country star Luke Bryan. Whiteid has alleged the bartender overserved his stepson before cutting him off, while the bar claims Strain consumed just one alcoholic beverage. Regardless of the truth, it’s a deeply unsettling coda to a life brimming with promise.

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An Unrelenting Search for Answers

As the investigation presses on, the Strain family remains unwavering in their mission to unearth every shred of truth, no matter how disturbing the findings may be. Their anguished yet resolute pursuit of justice encapsulates the ultimate testament of love – they refuse to let this young man’s memory be tarnished by unanswered questions.

In the end, Riley Strain’s unexplained death has exposed the darkest uncertainties that linger beneath the surface of tragedy. Much like the churning waters that temporarily engulfed his remains, this mystery has pulled his loved ones into depths of despair. But their refusal to abandon the search for answers burns with the intensity of a thousand suns, illuminating hope that one day, they may find the solace of understanding his final moments.

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