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American YouTuber Kidnapped in Haiti. Gang Demands $600,000

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In a chilling turn of events, Addison Pierre Maalouf, the daring YouTuber known as YourFellowArab or simply Arab, has allegedly been kidnapped in Haiti while on one of his infamous off-the-beaten-path adventures. Maalouf’s disappearance has sent shockwaves through social media, as fans and fellow content creators demand his safe return.

The 27-year-old from Georgia, who amassed over 750,000 subscribers by visiting some of the world’s most dangerous locales, traveled to the turmoil-ridden Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince in late March. His goal, according to unverified reports, was to interview the notorious gang leader Jimmy “Barbeque” Cherizier, the powerful commander of the G9 alliance controlling much of the city.

Maalouf’s last known contact was an Instagram post in July 2023, foreshadowing his risky journey with the caption “Heading to the most dangerous place on Earth.” His sudden silence in the following weeks sparked concern among his dedicated followers.

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The alleged kidnapping was first brought to light by fellow YouTuber and friend Sneako during a recent livestream. “Arab has been kidnapped in Haiti. He has been kidnapped for 15 days,” Sneako told his viewers, his voice laced with worry. “YourFellowArab, a YouTuber and a good friend, a love speech member… free Arab and pray for Arab.”

Haitian news outlet Haiti24 has claimed that the kidnappers, allegedly acting on orders from the fearsome gang leader “Lanmò 100 jou” of the “Viv Ansanm” coalition, are demanding a staggering $600,000 ransom for Maalouf’s release. Despite an initial $40,000 payment, the criminals have purportedly refused to free him until the full sum is paid.

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The kidnapping has also ensnared Maalouf’s local fixer, Sean Roubens Jean Sacra, who was supposedly traveling with the YouTuber. However, in a twist of loyalty, Sacra declined an offer to be released independently, choosing instead to remain with his client, according to fellow YouTuber Miles Routledge.

“Arab has been kept in a cage in a place on the eastern outskirts of the Capital, Port-au-Prince,” Routledge revealed, adding that despite the grave circumstances, Maalouf intends to turn his ordeal into compelling content. “Arab has stated that despite the hardships, he’s going to come out with a great video after this, and he should be out in no time.”

The U.S. State Department has issued a Level 4 “Do Not Travel” advisory for Haiti, citing kidnapping, crime, and civil unrest as primary concerns. Gang violence has plagued the country in recent years, with over 1,800 kidnappings reported in 2022 alone, often targeting affluent individuals for ransoms.

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Maalouf’s daring exploits have courted controversy before, including a 2021 detainment in war-torn Syria for alleged affiliation with Kurdish militant groups. However, his steadfast pursuit of unique content has earned him a loyal audience enthralled by his fearless voyages into the world’s most precarious regions.

As efforts intensify to secure his release, the YouTuber’s plight underscores the perils that thrill-seeking content creators often court in their quest for viral fame and uncharted adventures. The global community remains transfixed, fervently hoping for a safe homecoming for YourFellowArab from the depths of Haiti’s turmoil.

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