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Dow Jones Shocker: This 950% Gainer is Now an AI Powerhouse (And It’s Not What You Think)

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Amazon Joins the Dow as AI Fuels Its Future Growth Prospects

In a move signaling Amazon’s enduring dominance in tech and retail, the e-commerce giant was recently added to the prestigious Dow Jones Industrial Average, replacing drugstore chain Walgreens. The Dow Jones is one of the most widely followed stock market indexes, serving as a barometer for the performance of 30 major publicly-traded U.S. companies across various sectors.

Amazon’s induction into the Dow coincides with soaring optimism among Wall Street analysts about the company’s future growth trajectory, particularly its bold bets on artificial intelligence (AI). Investment bank JPMorgan Chase has dubbed Amazon its “best idea” stock pick for 2024, outlining three key drivers expected to create substantial shareholder value in the years ahead.

AI Boom Poised to Accelerate Amazon’s Cloud Business

At the forefront of JPMorgan’s bullish outlook is the surging demand for generative AI capabilities powered by large language models like those created by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Anthropic’s Claude. As businesses across sectors clamor to develop their own AI applications, they will increasingly rely on cloud computing infrastructure to train and run these advanced AI systems.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company’s cloud computing division, is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growing enterprise AI adoption. Already the market leader in cloud infrastructure and platform services, AWS offers a comprehensive suite of AI developer tools and services tailored for training, deploying and scaling AI models.

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“AWS is uniquely positioned in the burgeoning AI-as-a-service market due to its leadership in cloud computing,” notes an analyst report from Argus Research. JPMorgan expects AI workloads will drive accelerated revenue growth for AWS in the coming years compared to more modest projections for overall cloud spending increases.

E-Commerce Share Gains from Efficiency Improvements

While AI represents a key growth catalyst, JPMorgan also sees opportunity for Amazon to gain market share in its original domain – e-commerce. Despite intense competition from retail rivals, the analysts believe Amazon can leverage its unparalleled logistics capabilities and cost discipline to offer even faster delivery speeds for online orders.

Indeed, Amazon’s fourth quarter 2023 results demonstrated its logistics prowess, with the company delivering Prime packages at record-fast speeds while simultaneously reducing per-unit shipping costs for the first time since 2018. This operational efficiency was achieved through regionalizing its fulfillment center network to be closer to customers.

As Amazon doubles down on these logistics enhancements, JPMorgan expects the superior delivery experience will attract more third-party merchants and shoppers to its leading e-commerce marketplace. Already the most visited online shopping destination globally, increased share of the e-commerce market positions Amazon for continued dominance in the future of retail.

Digital Advertising and Cost Cuts Underpin Profit Expansion

Buttressing JPMorgan’s optimism are Amazon’s increasingly lucrative digital advertising and retail media businesses. The company captures a staggering 75% of the fast-growing U.S. retail media advertising market, an emerging channel where brands pay for promotional slots on e-commerce sites.

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With unrivaled shopping data from its hundreds of millions of customers, Amazon enjoys unique advantages in targeting advertisements across its properties, from the core online marketplace to livestreaming platforms like Twitch and Prime Video.

JPMorgan sees this high-margin advertising segment as a key profit driver for Amazon alongside the company’s sustained focus on cost control and efficiency. In Q4, Amazon expanded operating margins by 600 basis points to 7.8% as it exercised fiscal discipline while sales accelerated.

If Amazon’s management can maintain this balanced combination of top-line growth and cost management, the company’s profitability should continue climbing, rewarding shareholders through robust earnings growth.

Amazon’s AI Investments Span Chips to Applications

While AWS stands to gain from external AI adoption, Amazon is also staking its claim across the entire AI stack through focused investments in developing proprietary technologies and products:

Infrastructure Layer: Custom AI chips like the Trainium for training models and Inferentia for running AI inference offer more cost-effective alternatives to standard offerings, at least in certain scenarios where they may lag the performance of premium chips from Nvidia.

Model Layer: The newly-launched Bedrock service allows enterprises to customize large language models from partners like Anthropic, tailoring these AI foundations for use in their specific applications and solutions.

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Application Layer: Products like CodeWhisperer (an AI assistant for software developers) and Amazon Q (a generative AI tool for querying business data) showcase how Amazon aims to productize AI across enterprise and consumer use cases.

Amazon’s formidable resources and sprawling AI investments place it at the vanguard of this transformative technological wave. As JPMorgan asserts, the company’s multifaceted AI strategy spanning hardware, software, and cloud services could translate into tens of billions in incremental revenue opportunities.

A Reasonable Valuation for Sustainable Growth

Given Amazon’s clear growth drivers – accelerating cloud business from AI, e-commerce share gains, advertising tailwinds, and further margin expansion – Wall Street forecasts annual revenue growth around 11% over the next five years. However, this projection may prove conservative if Amazon exceeds expectations in commercializing its AI bets.

At its current share price, Amazon trades at a reasonable 3.3 times sales valuation. While not excessively cheap, this multiple appears justified for a diversified tech titan positioned to capitalize on transformative computing trends like generative AI while sustaining leadership across established verticals like e-commerce and cloud.

As a newly-minted member of the elite Dow Jones club, all eyes will be on Amazon’s execution in the coming years. The company’s multipronged AI roadmap and core business momentum provide ample runway for Jeff Bezos’ pioneering creation to keep delivering shareholder value for the long haul.



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