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Forget Apple, Buffett’s on Pipelines: This High-Yield Stock Could Pump Up Your Portfolio

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When it comes to investing legends, few names carry as much weight as Warren Buffett. The Oracle of Omaha has amassed a fortune through his savvy value investing approach, carefully scrutinizing companies and buying stakes in those he deems undervalued by the market.

One sector that has caught Buffett’s keen eye is energy, particularly midstream oil and gas pipeline operators. While Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings in companies like Occidental Petroleum grab headlines, a lesser-known facet of Buffett’s strategy involves ownership of over 21,000 miles of energy pipelines across North America.

For investors seeking to emulate Buffett’s pipeline plays, Canadian energy infrastructure giant Enbridge (NYSE: ENB) presents an attractive opportunity with its robust 7.5% dividend yield. However, there’s far more to Enbridge’s story than just its tantalizing payout.

A Pipeline Behemoth Spanning the Continent

Enbridge is a titan in the North American midstream space, with an extensive network of crude oil and natural gas pipelines crisscrossing the continent. The company estimates its systems handle a staggering 30% of North America’s crude oil production and transport nearly 20% of the natural gas consumed in the United States alone.

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This sprawling infrastructure connects Canadian oil sands production with refineries and export terminals along the U.S. Gulf Coast, a critical global energy hub. By operating as a tollbooth collector for the energy highways it owns, Enbridge generates steady streams of cash flow underpinning its lucrative dividend payouts.

A Buffett-Worthy Income Stream

Like the legendary investor it emulates, Enbridge has built an impressive track record of rewarding shareholders through thick and thin. The company has increased its dividend annually for 29 consecutive years, a streak supported by its investment-grade balance sheet and robust EBITDA payout ratio in the mid-60% range.

This financial discipline aligns with Buffett’s affinity for cash-generating businesses able to fund growth internally while returning capital to investors. Enbridge’s pipeline-centric model epitomizes this philosophy, providing the company with recession-resistant revenue during economic downturns.

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Enbridge’s 7.5% yield towers over the S&P 500’s paltry 1.7% average, offering income investors a chance to tap into the booming North American energy boom alongside an investing titan like Buffett.

More Than Just Pipes

While pipelines comprise around 85% of Enbridge’s business mix, the firm has steadily expanded into complementary areas reminiscent of Buffett’s own conglomerate structure at Berkshire.

Enbridge’s portfolio includes natural gas utilities, with three more slated for acquisition in 2024. The company has also gained a foothold in European offshore wind through its clean energy investments, aligning with the global shift toward renewable power sources.

This diversification beyond just midstream operations adds another dimension to Enbridge’s Buffett-esque profile as the company balances traditional energy infrastructure with forays into future-facing businesses.

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A High Yield, But Prudent Scrutiny Remains

To be sure, Enbridge’s mouthwatering 7.5% yield commands attention amidst today’s low interest rate environment. However, investors must exercise the same brand of patience and due diligence that served Buffett so well over his legendary career.

Commodity price swings, regulatory hurdles for new pipeline projects, and the evolving energy transition landscape all represent risks that could buffet Enbridge’s performance in the years ahead. As always, understanding a company’s fundamental strengths and weaknesses forms the bedrock of successful long-term investing.

For those willing to dig deeply and assume a long-term outlook, following in Buffett’s footsteps by investing in Enbridge could unlock an attractive income stream from one of North America’s energy pipeline giants. Whether the stock ultimately meets the staunch value criteria of the Oracle remains to be seen, but its 7.5% yield certainly warrants a closer look.



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