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NJ Senate Candidate’s Seismic Tweet Shakes Things Up, Then Disappears

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April 7, 2024 – The ground literally shook beneath the feet of New Jersey residents yesterday, as a powerful 6.1 magnitude earthquake rattled the region, sending shockwaves as far as Boston and Philadelphia. But the real earthquake hit the Twitterverse shortly after, as a fringe Senate candidate’s bizarre claim about the tremors’ cause sparked a firestorm of bewilderment and backlash.

Christina Amira Khalil, a Green Party hopeful running for the US Senate, wasted no time in weighing in on the natural disaster, taking to X (formerly Twitter) to share her unorthodox perspective.

“I experienced my first earthquake in NJ. We never get earthquakes. The climate crisis is real. The weirdest experience ever,” Khalil boldly proclaimed to her tens of thousands of followers.

The perplexing tweet quickly went viral, racking up millions of views and triggering an avalanche of incredulous responses from users across the political spectrum. Prominent figures from both sides of the aisle lined up to mock and excoriate Khalil for her scientifically unsupported assertion that climate change was to blame for the tremors.

“Holy crap. I was just joking about people blaming climate change and then this genius pops up. A Senate candidate no less!” tweeted GOP Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas, the bewilderment palpable in his words.

Conservative commentator Paul Szypula, never one to mince words, was even more scathing in his assessment, branding Khalil a “moron” and curtly explaining that “Climate doesn’t cause earthquakes – they’re caused by tectonic plates shifting.”

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The Babylon Bee, a right-leaning satire site known for its biting humor, joined the fray as well, with the editor-in-chief Kyle Mann pondering aloud whether his team had somehow missed the opportunity to mock the very notion of “the earthquake was caused by climate change” before the “libs” beat them to it.

Even prominent pro-Trump social media influencer “Brick Suit” got in on the action, lashing out at Khalil for blocking him after he dared to question her dubious claims. “What a snowflake,” he fumed.

The backlash was so intense and widespread that Khalil ultimately deleted her original tweet, only to replace it with a more subdued message acknowledging the rarity of such an event in her home state. “My entire life in NJ, I have never experienced anything like this,” she conceded, a far cry from her previous climate-centric declaration.

Undeterred, Khalil proceeded to double down on her position, sharing a handful of news articles that ostensibly linked climate change to increased seismic activity. But the X community was quick to fact-check her, pointing out that New Jersey is located near a major fault line and has experienced earthquakes before – a reality that has nothing to do with global warming.

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“The hilarious part is, she’s doubling down on this climate, change and earthquake link with links to stories. Earthquakes have been happening for billions of years. But now it’s the climate. I keep telling you these people are not serious. Pay no attention to them,” tweeted conservative author Carmine Sabia, his incredulity palpable.

Khalil, for her part, seemed to relish the attention, brushing off the criticism with a terse tweet: “Pretty cool, I upset a lot of bots.”

The earthquake’s fallout has extended beyond just Khalil’s controversial antics, with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy also facing intense scrutiny for his perceived lack of leadership in the wake of the disaster.

Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew, who represents a district in the state, openly criticized Murphy for not returning to New Jersey or holding a proper press conference to address concerned residents.

“We haven’t heard from the governor,” Van Drew told Fox News, speculating that “maybe it’s good he didn’t come” since Murphy has a reputation for raising taxes and fees whenever he visits the Garden State.

The juxtaposition of Khalil’s baffling tweet and Murphy’s apparent absence has added an extra layer of perplexity to an already surreal situation, leaving many New Jerseyans scratching their heads and wondering just what in the world is going on.

As the state works to assess the damage and restore normalcy, the political fallout from this earthquake-fueled debacle shows no signs of abating. Khalil’s attempt to politicize a natural disaster has backfired spectacularly, turning her into a lightning rod for ridicule and criticism from across the political spectrum.

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The real tremors, it seems, were felt not in the earth, but in the virtual realm of social media, as Khalil’s tweet became a veritable earthquake of its own – a seismic event that has sent shockwaves through the political landscape and left countless onlookers bewildered and baffled.

In the end, the true lesson here may be that when it comes to natural disasters and their causes, the American public has little patience for unsubstantiated claims, especially from those seeking elected office. Khalil may have learned that the hard way, as her ill-advised attempt to score political points on the back of a genuine crisis has only served to undermine her credibility and thrust her into the unwelcome spotlight of public ridicule.

As the dust settles and the tremors subside, one thing is certain: the aftershocks of this social media earthquake are sure to reverberate for some time, leaving us all to ponder the perplexing nature of modern political discourse and the seemingly endless capacity of the human mind to generate bewilderment.



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