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Netanyahu’s Next Move: Date Set for Rafah Invasion

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JERUSALEM – Delivering a statement that sent shockwaves through the region, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dropped a bombshell declaration on Monday – telling reporters in no uncertain terms that a precise date has been “locked and loaded” for a ground invasion into Rafah, the last remaining haven for displaced Palestinians in war-torn Gaza.

“Make no mistake, we have a date locked in the crosshairs to plunge our forces into Rafah and exterminate the terrorist snakes slithering through the city,” Netanyahu rhetorically thundered during the surprise press conference, his eyes narrow with zeal as he refused to disclose the exact timing of the potentially calamitous assault.

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The prime minister’s inflammatory remarks punctuated another day of rising tensions and fruitless ceasefire negotiations that has the region bracing for a horrific escalation of hostilities between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants. Over the last month, relentless Israeli airstrikes and artillery barrages have already transformed swaths of Gaza into apocalyptic wastelands as part of an operation aimed at demolishing Hamas’ rocket stockpiles and infiltration tunnels.

The Palestinian death toll has soared well past 2,000, the overwhelming majority civilians —including hundreds of children— caught in the onslaught, according to UN monitors. Hamas fighters have fought back with fusillades of rockets toward Israeli cities, although the Iron Dome missile shield has intercepted many of the projectiles midflight.

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But Netanyahu seems hell-bent on total victory at any cost, vowing to unleash a ground invasion to “annihilate the terrorist scourge” once and for all. Rafah, the city bordering Egypt that has sheltered thousands of displaced Gazans fleeing the violence, appears directly in his crosshairs.

“We will stop at nothing, leave no stone unturned, to secure the release of our brave soldiers held hostage by these mongrels,” the prime minister railed, his voice escalating with fury. “The complete and utter eradication of Hamas is our sole objective.”

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As the explosive crisis pushes the region toward the precipice of all-out war, the international community has urgently appealed for calm to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe that could render Gaza uninhabitable. Yet whether Netanyahu’s vow to invade Rafah will bring that —or light the entire powder keg aflame— remains ominously, sickeningly opaque.



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