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Bath & Body Works Stock Jump 84% – Sweet Success or Market Whiff?

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In the ever-fickle world of retail, Bath & Body Works is proving that the sweet smell of success has stamina. The peddler of perfumes, soaps and scented splendors has defied the market’s stench of pessimism, watching its stock price skyrocket a sublime 84% since hitting the bottoms up in late October.

Yes, you read that right – an earth-scorching 84% leap in just a few months’ time. It’s enough to make investors sweat crisp cucumbers.

On Tuesday, the fragrance giant’s shares hit a new high mark, with its relative strength rating upgrading to a lush 82 out of 100, according to IBD’s proprietary analysis. For the metric-minded, an RS rating north of 80 has historically signaled a stock giving off airs of leadership early in a sizzling uptrend.

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“Talk about stopping to smell the roses – or in this case, the Japanese Cherry Blossom body cream,” quipped Sam Lett, an equity analyst at Jefferies. “Bath & Body Works has reminded everyone why it’s been one of retail’s 800-pound gorillas for decades.”

The company’s gravity-defying gains represent a phoenix-like resurgence from its struggles in 2023 when it seemed slightly stale against the competition. But with over 1,800 mall locations across the U.S. and Canada, along with 450 franchised outposts worldwide, Bath & Body Works has an unparalleled grip on affordable indulgences and self-care scentsations.

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From warm Vanilla Sugar to Cool Amazon Rain, the brand’s fragrance wizardry appears to have recaptured the public’s olfactory receptors and discretionary dollars of late. Earnings spiked 11% in the latest quarter to $2.06 per share as revenue growth accelerated for the fourth straight period, reversing a brief slump.

“Bath & Body Works is fairly and squarely back in control of getting folks drunk on intoxicating aromas and lavish lathers,” said Neil Saunders, managing director at GlobalData Retail. “The key now is maintaining that high through inspired product innovation beyond the traditional home fragrance realm.”

Promising new frontiers loom in men’s grooming with the brand’s Men’s Shop line and wellness with the Moxy collection of hair, skin and health offerings. Striking the right tone of freshness versus playing on nostalgic scents could determine if the company’s sprint turns into an enduring marathon.

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As April’s trading days unspool, all eyes are on whether Bath & Body Works can officially resume its longer-term uptrend. The stock has consolidated in a holding pattern so far this month after its spicy run higher. Establishing a fresh buy point could light the fuse on another euphoric leg up.

For now though, Bath & Body Works has restored its reputation as an indefatigable super-smeller capable of delighting customers and investors alike. Let the pungent Renaissance continue.



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