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‘Nothing would remain’: Iran’s president threatens Israel with ‘massive’ military retaliation if it invades

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Tensions in the Middle East escalated further today as Iran’s president issued an ominous threat against Israel during an annual military parade in Tehran.

Speaking at the Army Day parade, President Ebrahim Raisi warned of a “massive and harsh” retaliation if Israel dares launch even a “tiniest invasion” against Iranian territory. His forceful remarks came just days after Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones at Israel in response to an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria that killed Iranian troops.

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“If Iran had wanted to carry out a bigger attack, nothing would remain from the Zionist regime,” Raisi declared, using Iran’s terminology for Israel. The Iranian leader’s speech struck a defiant tone amid the combustible backdrop of retaliatory strikes between the two archenemies over the weekend.

The parade itself was relocated from its usual venue along a major Tehran highway to a military barracks north of the capital, though Iranian authorities did not provide an explanation for the change. State media also broke from tradition by declining to broadcast the event live on television as it has in years past.

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Iran’s barrage over the weekend marked the first direct Iranian military attack against Israeli soil, significantly ratcheting up tensions after decades of shadow warfare between the two adversaries. While Israel successfully thwarted nearly all incoming projectiles with help from the U.S., U.K., Jordan and others, it has vowed retaliation – albeit without specifying when or how.

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In his speech, Raisi characterized Iran’s assault as a “limited” one, suggesting more could be in store for Israel if the Jewish state takes further provocative action. With both sides claiming justification and the right to self-defense, the crisis seems primed to intensify absent diplomatic intervention.

The international community has urged restraint to avoid escalating the volatile situation further. But the bitter adversaries, implacably opposed to each other’s existence, may be on an unalterable collision course.



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