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Iran Says It Has Identified Israel’s Nuclear Sites and Warns of Counterattack With ‘Hands on Trigger of Powerful Missiles’

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Tensions in the Middle East reached a terrifying new peak as Iran’s foreign minister issued an ominous warning – they have their “hands on the trigger” and stand ready to unleash more missiles if Israel retaliates over last week’s unprecedented strikes.

Speaking in New York, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated Iran sought to avoid “expansion of tension”, but made it clear they possess “powerful defensive capabilities” and will counterattack with force if provoked by Israel.

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On April 13th, in a shocking strategic gambit, Islamic Revolutionary Guard forces launched Over 300 missiles and drones targeting numerous Israeli nuclear facilities and enrichment plants. Despite Israeli claims of interceptions, the audacious barrage penetrated defenses and struck multiple top-secret sites.

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While Tehran refuses to claim responsibility, the strikes are widely seen as retaliation for suspected Israeli sabotage of Iran’s nuclear program infrastructure and assassinations of scientists. Observers now fear any Israeli response could ignite a catastrophic war engulfing the entire region in flames.

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With both sides issuing belligerent statements and maneuvering military assets, the confrontation appears to be escalating rapidly toward potential all-out conflict between the bitter enemies. An ominous new cycle of violence looms.



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