Russian defences ‘destroy 50 Ukrainian drones’ as power stations hit

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In an unprecedented aerial onslaught, swarms of Ukrainian strike drones pierced Russian airspace overnight, raining down on strategic targets across the lengths and breadths of the motherland. The shocking drone barrage appears meticulously calibrated to cripple Russia’s war machine by sabotaging energy production and supply lines.

From the western borderlands to the very fringes of Moscow itself, the night sky was streaked with the fiery trails of unmanned aircraft as they blazed towards refineries, power substations, oil depots and fuel complexes in a fearsome display of coordinated precision bombardment.

Moscow was left seething, claiming its beleaguered air defenses managed to swat down 50 of the inbound drones across eight separate Russian regions. But the hits still landed, sparking multiple blazes and inflicting a handful of civilian casualties.

Russian officials grimly reported that a woman perished after explosions ignited the home she shared with her caretaker, whose life was also tragically claimed when the structure was consumed by flames. In a further cruel twist, a pregnant mother and her unborn child were also killed by shelling in the peripheral areas.

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While Kyiv customarily shrouds its daring cross-border ops in an opaque veil of silence, the systematic targeting of energy infrastructure from Kaluga to Bryansk leaves the mastermind’s modus operandi plainly evident. Accusations are already swirling of terrorism on Russia’s grand-strategic assets.

This ruthless and relentless unmanned onslaught seems to encapsulate the ingenuity with which Ukraine has adapted its tactics to survive a conventionally disastrous military imbalance. Unable to match Moscow’s remorseless advantages in troops, tanks and big guns, Kyiv’s boffins have turbo-boosted economical armed drones into a formidable and elusive long-range strike force.

In recent months, these unmanned warbirds have upended Russian logistics by increasingly savaging supply caches, railway hubs, airfields and staging areas fueling Putin’s sputtering war machine. Now, going for the jugular, Ukraine appears to have raised the stakes in a drastic escalatory gambit.

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By harrowing assaults on electrical infrastructure and fuel production centers, the plucky underdogs may manage to degrade Russia’s broader war effort while spreading panic amongst the populace as daily essentials are disrupted.

In a lurid subplot of the overnight mayhem, Moscow also confirmed the death of Russell “Texas” Bentley, a former inmate turned separatist militant who fought alongside Russian proxies during the earlier phase of the conflict. Russian media reported the demise of the 64-year-old American in Donetsk without furnishing details.

The brazen penetration of Russia’s sovereign airspace dealt a jarring psychological blow to Putin’s war hawks. While Kyiv kept its lips sealed, one can be sure Ukraine’s strategists were assessing battlefield repercussions with bated breath.

For Russia did maintain its own scorched earth bombardment unabated. Ukrainian defenders downed two missiles and three recon drones according to the air force, even as Odesa’s infrastructure took renewed poundings from ballistic volleys destroying food export terminals.

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Meanwhile the civilian body count mounted, with an 81-year-old pensioner among two locals cut down by shellfire in Kharkiv, where a sexagenarian woman also suffered shrapnel wounds from an apartment strike.

With its drone force spearheading offensive forays deep into the Russian interior, Ukraine has brazenly escalated retaliation for the ongoing brutal invasion. The Kremlin will now be scrambling to fortify air defenses while safeguarding strategic assets.

It remains uncertain whether this asymmetric masterstroke can tilt the balance for the outmuscled underdogs. But Ukraine’s ingenious new tactics have unmistakably raised the stakes in this existential confrontation.

Kyiv has staked its very existence on recovering every inch of its occupied lands. And with attack drones now spearheading the counteroffensive thrust, the war’s pivotal climax may be explosive and imminent.



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