Miss Israel 2021 winner, ex-IDF medic assaulted by pro-Palestinian protester in NYC

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New York City – In a shocking incident that has reignited fears over escalating Israeli-Palestinian tensions reaching U.S. soil, Noa Cochva, the winner of the 2021 Miss Israel pageant, was violently attacked last month by a pro-Palestinian protester during a heated rally in New York City’s iconic Times Square.

The 25-year-old former combat medic, who had been serving on the frontlines treating wounded Israeli soldiers and Hamas militants alike amid the raging conflict, was struck in the face by the rear end of a protest placard wielded by an enraged pro-Palestine activist on March 30th. The vicious assault occurred as Cochva participated in a pro-Israel advocacy event, leaving her with a black eye – her first ever.

“We just saw this huge pro-Palestinian rally, and we wanted to peacefully share our perspective,” Cochva emotionally recounted to the New York Post. “Then they noticed our Israeli flag and just lost it – trampling it and rushing over. One guy just cold-cocked me in the face with his sign. I’ve never been struck like that before.”

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The unprovoked attack drew a furious backlash and condemnation from Israeli officials and Jewish advocacy groups. It also immediately refocused a harsh spotlight on the passsionate Israeli-Palestinian divide plaguing the United States’ cultural fabric.

Despite her own harrowing experience being assaulted, Cochva appeared dismissed by the New York Police Department’s seeming indifference when she pleaded for action against her attacker at the scene. “The cops said ‘we can’t do anything.’ I couldn’t believe it – if you’re law enforcement and you directly witness a woman getting hit in the face, you should do your job and find the perpetrator!”

Initially letting the heated incident go,the former Miss Israel later decided to officially press charges against her unknown assailant on April 10th. The NYPD has confirmed an open investigation into the assault but frustratingly said no arrests had been made as of publication.

Noa Cochva’s advocacy trip promoting Israeli interests in the United States took an unfortunately personal and traumatic turn after the Times Square attack. However, the young woman is sadly no stranger to the brutal realities and horrors of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from her tours as a combat medic.

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“As a medic, I took an oath to treat every life, enemy or friend, without prejudice,” Cochva solemnly explained. “Trying to save the lives of Hamas terrorists who were actively trying to kill me and my comrades – it takes a mental toll. You have to follow strict procedures to repair their minds and anchor them back to reality when their brain is still trapped in the Gaza war zone.”

Despite her remarkable adherence to ethical standards and impartial service, Cochva expressed disgust at what she characterized as rampant pro-Palestinian “propaganda” that diminishes or outright denies atrocities committed by militant groups like Hamas.

“After all the advancements of the ‘MeToo’ movement, I’m appalled people can still brazenly claim they ‘don’t believe’ women over documented reports of violence and abuse,” she said, her voice straining with exasperation. “How can people in 2024 still be so insistent on rejecting reality just because it contradicts their biased views?”

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The brazen assault on the former Miss Israel winner and IDF veteran has exponentially amplified calls for stronger action and accountability measures against the importation of politically-motivated violence, hate speech and harassment originating from the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict into communities around the world.

As the seemingly interminable struggle for control over the ancestral lands and ideological supremacy remains deeply entrenched, the attack on Cochva emerges as a microcosmic yet extraordinarily troubling example of how these generations-old powder keg tensions can spontaneously erupt into real-world violence, grooming personal tragedies in their wake.

Emblazoned on a world stage that once celebrated her beauty and poise, Noa Cochva has undergone an evolution – from queen, to soldier, to victim – that powerfully encapsulates the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s tenacious refusal to remain contained within geographical borders. Her unjust and unprovoked assault represents the export of these age-old sectarian litanies to the streets of one of the world’s most pivotal cities – a solemn reminder that even America is not immune from the fallout.



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