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Shocking Video: Palestinian Flag Bomb Detonates, Injuring Israeli Man Who Tried to Remove It

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A burst of violence shattered the tense calm in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Sunday when an explosive device detonated after an Israeli settler kicked a Palestinian flag planted roadside, injuring the man in a brazen act that stoked escalating hostilities in the volatile region.

The startling scene unfolded near the Kohav HaShahar settlement along Route 458 in the West Bank. 28-year-old Levi, an Israeli Defense Forces reservist, was driving when he noticed a Palestinian flag waving from the side of the road. In a sudden act of provocation, Levi exited his vehicle, stormed over to the flag, and delivered a forceful kick.

Moments later, there was a thunderous explosion as the kick triggered the improvised explosive device concealed inside the flag. The blast flung Levi backwards, inflicting minor injuries on the Israeli settler. Footage captured the shocking burst, showing debris and smoke erupting violently from the rigged flag.

“It was a serious bomb, but luckily I gave it a kick and the explosion happened off to the side instead of right on me,” a defiant Levi told Israeli network Ynet after the incident. “I’m not afraid of anything. We’ll track down every one of the perpetrators behind this.”

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The brazen bomb trap has ratcheted up already soaring tensions between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank occupied territory. There was swift condemnation of using explosive devices from Israeli officials, who labeled it a clear act of terror. Palestinian leaders, meanwhile, accused the settler of intentionally provoking and disrespecting a cherished national symbol.

The incident throws fuel on the raging fire of hostilities that has engulfed the West Bank amid the fallout from last year’s war in Gaza. According to United Nations data, over 480 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces or settlers in the territory since the Gaza conflict erupted on October 7th. Militants have also killed at least 13 Israelis, including two security personnel.

Video of the explosive Palestinian flag set social media ablaze, drawing outrage and heated debate from partisans on each side. Some criticized the settler for recklessly kicking the flag in an area known for violence between Palestinians and Israeli settlers. Others defended his actions as a justified assertion amid efforts by militants to undermine Israeli control.

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For decades, the fate of the West Bank has remained one of the core issues fueling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel captured the territory from Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War. Palestinian leaders have sought to make the West Bank part of an independent state, putting them at odds with Israeli settlers who view the land as rightfully theirs.

The incident occurred at a particularly combustible moment, just days before the one-year anniversary of the start of the Gaza war. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza have issued bellicose statements threatening large-scale attacks against Israel to mark the anniversary. Israeli forces remain on high alert.

The bombing also comes amid escalating U.S. pressure on Israel over alleged human rights violations carried out by the military and security forces in Palestinian territories. American officials are weighing sanctions on specific Israeli Defense Force units like the ultra-Orthodox Netzah Yehuda battalion over the excessive use of force.

With tensions reaching a boiling point, international mediators have desperately called for calm and renewed negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians. Some analysts fear any further provocations could ignite a new conflagration of full-blown conflict neither side can control.

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Whether the rigged Palestinian flag was the work of a lone militant or an organized group has not yet been determined. The Israeli military said it deployed troops to investigate and locate the perpetrators. Hamas, which rules Gaza, praised the bombing but did not directly claim responsibility.

After being treated for shrapnel wounds at a Jerusalem hospital, the Israeli settler said he had no regrets over his actions. “This won’t deter me or others from the West Bank,” he told local media. “The flag is a symbol of terror waved in our face. Someone had to take it down.”

The shocking blast and its aftermath show how persistent aggression and provocations have brought the West Bank region disturbingly close to the precipice of broader armed conflict. With the ground littered with potential tripwires to escalate hostilities, the path to resolving the long-standing grievances fueling the conflict grows more arduous by the day.



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