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Russian missile attack destroys TV tower in Ukraine’s Kharkiv

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The soaring television tower that once beamed news and entertainment across Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, came crashing down on Monday after a suspected Russian missile strike. Footage captured the 240-meter (787-foot) structure violently breaking apart, its metal mast plummeting in a thick plume of smoke.

The catastrophic strike shuttered digital broadcasting signals in the beleaguered city, which has endured relentless Russian bombardment in recent weeks as Moscow’s forces have intensified assaults. No casualties were reported, as staff had taken shelter, according to regional governor Oleh Syniehubov.

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“At the moment there are interruptions to the digital television signal,” Syniehubov grimly stated after the tower’s destruction.

Prosecutors investigating the strike concluded a Russian Kh-59 cruise missile was likely responsible for downing the communication tower, a critical piece of broadcasting infrastructure. Independent video verification confirmed the searing moment the tower’s upper half sheared off and crumbled to the ground.

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The tower had previously been a target for Russian forces in the opening salvos of the Kremlin’s full-scale invasion in early March 2022, temporarily disrupting signals. But this week’s apparent missile hit left the vital transmission facility demolished, a jarring symbol of Moscow’s attempts to sever Ukraine’s communication lifelines.

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As Kharkiv reels from the heaviest bombardment of any Ukrainian region, the tower’s toppling underscored the challenges facing broadcast media amidst the infrastructural onslaught. Yet the resolve to maintain independent reporting only stiffened, with journalists vowing the attack would not silence factual coverage of the grinding conflict convulsing their nation.



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