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Ukrainian Drones Sink $65 Million Russian Warship

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KYIV, Ukraine — In a significant blow to Russia’s naval capabilities in the Black Sea, Ukrainian forces have destroyed the brand-new Sergey Kotov warship, a $65 million patrol vessel that had only recently joined Moscow’s fleet in the region, according to statements from Ukrainian military officials.

The sinking of the 308-foot, 1,700-ton ship marks an important tactical victory for Ukraine and deals another embarrassing setback to Russia’s struggling invasion that has turned into a protracted conflict. It reduces Russia’s ability to conduct maritime operations and provides a morale boost for Ukrainian forces.

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The Sergey Kotov, one of Russia’s most advanced patrol ships from the Project 22160 class, had been repeatedly targeted by Ukrainian strikes since entering service with the Black Sea Fleet in July 2022. But this time, Kyiv says, its forces landed a decisive blow using maritime drones in an attack near the Kerch Strait overnight.

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As a result of a strike by Magura V5 maritime drones, the Russian Project 22160 ship Sergey Kotov received damage to the stern, starboard and left sides,” the Ukrainian military intelligence agency said in a statement on Tuesday.

Audio recordings, which Ukraine claims captured Russian communications about the incident, seem to confirm the ship’s demise, with a commander heard reporting the “tragic event” of the Sergey Kotov’s destruction and the loss of a helicopter during the nighttime drone attack.

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While Russia’s Defense Ministry has not officially commented, several prominent pro-Kremlin military bloggers and former Russian officials acknowledged that Ukraine had managed to sink the prized new warship, representing an embarrassing failure of Russia’s vaunted naval defenses.

“If it continues like this, the Black Sea Fleet will have only catamarans and rubber banana boats for vacationers. It’s [expletive],” a popular pro-war Telegram channel complained about the loss.



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