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How to increase battery health in iPhone


Increase battery health in iPhone by three tips.

Unnecessary features should be turned off, that’s the only way.

Disable background app refresh, very first thing to save battery of iPhone
The biggest concern for iPhone users is the battery, though every new series are improving the battery life, it is never enough for the users. I would confess Android phones are winning in this area. Most Android phones are offering a solid battery life.

However, my tips are definitely going to increase your iPhone battery life to last for at least 3 hours more.

The only way to optimize the iPhone battery is to turn off unnecessary features. 

Read on to know all my ideas and tips on which the battery life of the iPhone can be optimized.

Turn off the background app refreshes

My first tip that will optimize the battery of the iPhone is to turn off background app refresh. Disabling the background app refresh will let the app perform all its activities in the back. 
Though the feature is very convenient, it only eats up your mobile data and also drains your phone’s battery. This is what happens when you turn on the low power mode, the background app refresh is disabled automatically.

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How to disable the background app refresh?

Disable the background app refresh on your iPhone, by going to Settings, going General, and Background App Refresh and there you get the option to switch off the feature.

Why is my iPhone using so much battery?

Change motion settings

You will save a lot of battery by cutting down some of the unwanted fancy effects on the iPhone.

How do you reduce unnecessary motion on your iPhone?

Go to Accessibility, then Motion, and then switch Reduce motion on. Then you switch off Auto-Play Message Effects and Auto-Play Video Previews. Turn off iPhone analytics and System Services

The next method to save battery is by turning off the iPhone Analytics. 

Turn off iPhone Analytics to not only save the phone’s battery but will also give you more privacy. This feature sends data from your iPhone to Apple which drains your battery. iPhone Analytics also raises privacy issues as it sends data to Apple.

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How to turn it off?

To turn off the iPhone Analytics. Go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Turn Off Share iPhone Analytics. Similarly, you can also turn off System Services as it constantly runs in the background and drains your iPhone’s battery.

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