Make money from home with 7 apps in India
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We are providing our top 7 list of apps that can increase productivity and support working from home in India to address the many issues that come with this lifestyle. It might be difficult to accept, but the question is not how to generate money at home, but rather how to make a lot of money in the modern economy.

The issue of human productivity while working from home is one that many businesses are attempting to address. As a result, there are numerous programs available to assist you in managing your workload.

Apps: Earn Money from Home Online

Apps that allow you to work from home online often have two purposes. Applications in the first category can assist you to start making money. To build their products, businesses today depend on consumers to complete surveys, play their games, and contribute useful data. While ensuring that user experience is optimized, these apps provide businesses a simple way to test and develop better products. For the customers, this is a simple way to earn extra money with little effort while taking a little vacation from their phones.

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Apps That Make Money

Let’s start by taking a look at various work-from-home apps that can make money for you at home quickly and with little effort.

1. RozDhan


You can withdraw money when you earn up to Rs 200 via Paytm by participating in micro-quizzes, downloading and sharing movies, and referring friends to the platform. To send money immediately, this app connects with PayTM.

2. MooCash

By just swiping left to accept an offer and using your screen locker, this software enables you to earn money. To receive your money via PayPal or a Google Reward Card, you are required to watch a movie or download an app.

Another venue for businesses to test their goods and promote sales in exchange for a little additional cash in your pocket.

3. Swagbucks

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This app requires you to complete quizzes and play games, rewarding you with Amazon, PayPal, and Starbucks vouchers. While not giving you money directly, they give you the direct route to where you would have spent the money in any case.

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4. Cointiply


You can earn bitcoins by using this app to view adverts, install apps, do surveys, and play games. Using WazirX in India and Coinbase internationally, you may convert bitcoins into actual currency. To benefit from this innovative app, dive into the recently created bitcoin world coffers.

5. Perk


You must do tasks and earn prizes on this, arguably the most well-known fast money program. To win Amazon gift cards, you can watch videos, play games, and browse websites. The Perk platform’s glossy sheen can keep you spellbound for hours at a time while also earning you a tonne of money.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

You receive 20–30 surveys per week after signing up for the service. You can earn credits worth between 0.1 and 2 dollars after providing your feedback and evaluations.

You can use these points to download Google services such as apps, music, movies, etc. This software will award you points to use the numerous Google services while not directly paying you in cash.

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7. U Speak We Pay

u speak we pay signup

The messages displayed must be read aloud by users. When completed, users receive real money in their accounts. conceivably serving as a database for the training of voice recognition and speech-related AI systems.

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