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Apple’s current main products are the iPhone, iPad, and other devices. 

Future computing platforms will undoubtedly turn to AR/VR devices. Apple is also working on corresponding products. AR/VR helmets may be available next year, and AR will be available in 2024. The AR Glasses will improve the user experience. Apple’s development of AR/VR-related products is no longer breaking news. It is now the last minute. According to previous reports, this device may be released next year. Apple, on the other hand, has delayed the release of AR/VR headsets until 2023. The cost is said to be more than $1,000.

Due to the size and connectivity restrictions on current AR/VR headsets, Apple is still working on creating lighter AR glasses. Apple’s AR glasses are currently in the design and development phase, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. In addition, by the year’s end, the prototype will be ready. Beginning in the second part of 2024, Apple AR glasses will be produced in bulk.

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The futuristic Apple augmented reality glass

Apple’s AR glasses are a unique product that offers 100% AR technology rather than the present hybrid actual mirrors, in contrast to AR/VR headsets. For AR/VR headsets, Apple has stringent standards. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, believes that in 10 years, augmented reality will totally replace the iPhone, according to research by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

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