Wonderful Tips and Ideas to Use your old Android phones or iPhone

Uses you didnt know of old Android phones or iPhone
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Your old Android phone may be converted into a Nintendo Game Boy, wireless mouse, or even a picture storage device.

You have the choice of trading in your old phone or keeping it each time you upgrade to a new Android. What should you do with your old Android if you decide to preserve it? It could be kept in a drawer or offered for sale. You did invest money on it, after all, so you might prefer the thought of making it useful.

There are some pretty inventive ways to repurpose your old device and make it into something you’ll actually want to use, regardless of whether your phone is too old to command a high trade-in value, you’re looking to save some money on a webcam, a Google Home, a wireless mouse, or you just like to tinker.

Smartphones are, after all, compact, potent computers with storage and a camera. Many other electronic devices can be easily replaced by your phone; you can even use it to diagnose automobile mechanical issues or as a home security camera. Continue reading for tips that will breathe new life into your outdated Android.

Convert your old Android device into a webcam.

Now is an excellent moment to convert your outdated phone into a webcam. You may increase the quality of your video chats during quarantine by using several free apps, such as Zoom or Skype. Starting is simple, and we provide all of the advice you need for a top-notch setup. Remember that even an outdated phone’s main camera may be superior to your laptop’s built-in webcam – or no webcam at all.

Convert your old Android into a Nintendo Game Boy.

When you transform your Android into a Nintendo Game Boy, you can play video games everywhere you go. All you need to get started is a compatible Android phone and a $50 Hyperkin SmartBoy Mobile Device.

Keep your images on your old phone.

Images consume a lot of storage space on your cellphone, so keep them on your old phone. You can capture the images on your new device and then transmit them to your older phone to clear up space.

Game Boy cartridges are required to play the games (unless you still have them). However, if you don’t have the retro cartridges, you may still play Game Boy Advance apps. You can also take your old phone with you and use it as a camera in locations where you wouldn’t often take your new phone. You can shoot pictures without being as concerned about dropping your phone in the water, for instance, if you travel to a lake or beach.

Use your Android as a global remote.

It’s fantastic to have a single remote that can handle everything; consider the Adam Sandler film Click. Maybe not that extreme. However, being able to control all of your devices from a single remote is a huge comfort. Download a remote control app, such as iRule, and then link your phone to devices such as your Xbox One, Roku, and Apple TV.

Convert your Android phone into a Google Home device.

It’s simple to convert your Android phone into a Google Home smart speaker, and no apps are required. Make sure your phone is running the most recent version of Android so you can use “OK, Google.” The next step is to locate a Bluetooth speaker with which to pair your phone. Make sure both devices are always hooked in and turned on. You’ll be giving Google commands in no time. The best news is that you will not have to pay $129 for a Google Home. Learn more about what a Google Home can accomplish here.

Your Android device can function as a home security camera.

Feel safe by converting an outdated phone into a home security camera. To begin, download a security camera app such as Alfred (which also works with an iPhone). When you are not Home you can keep a check on your residence to make sure everything is OK. Place the phone in the main room of the house at the best possible location.

Set it up outside (hidden, of course) when you’re at home to watch who’s knocking on your door or if there’s any strange activity. Maybe it’s just a raccoon leaving candy wrappers in your yard and not your neighbor’s child.

Use your old phone as a baby monitor.

Instead of dashing into your child’s room every time you think you hear sobbing or an odd noise, use an old phone as a baby monitor to check on your child. By installing Skype on both devices, you can set up your old phone in the room and access it from your current phone. You might also use a baby monitor app such as Dormi. We haven’t tested them on real newborns, but consumer feedback has been positive. You’ll feel better knowing you can be anywhere in the house and still see your baby.

Use your Android device as a wireless mouse

When your wireless mouse breaks down unexpectedly, it might be unpleasant. It is advantageous to have a backup, and you may quickly transform your phone into a mouse. You’ll need to download an app, like Remote Mouse, to perform this. Say goodbye to the traditional mouse once you’ve downloaded the app and linked your phone and desktop to the same Wi-Fi network. Keep it in your laptop bag so you can use a coffee shop to finish some work while you’re out and about.

Use your old phone as a music player.

Use your old phone as a media player to free up storage on your new one. You can erase all the data from your old phone now that you have a new one (except your music and music apps).

You won’t have to worry about using up all the capacity on your old phone because you can add as much music as it supports. If you’re having a party, connect it to your surround-sound speaker and start having fun.

The fantastic part is that you won’t have to worry about incoming calls and messages disturbing your music because you can leave it in one location.

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