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New York city subway mobile coverage

Local authorities launched a $600 million, ten-year project.

As part of a $600 million proposal to offer mobile phone coverage to the whole network within ten years, riders on the New York Subway will be able to make calls and access the Internet on their cell phones.

To connect all 418 miles of tunnels and 281 underground subway stations, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has entered into a contract with Transit Wireless. The MTA estimates that the project will generate more than $1 billion in benefits throughout the contract.

While there is already Wi-Fi at underground and above-ground stations, complete cellular service will be available in the L Train tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan starting in 2020.

Mobile coverage for the New York City subway

According to MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber, “bringing mobile service to the tunnels between stations and Wi-Fi to above-ground stations is a huge step forward in improving the experience of transit riders.”

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Passengers will be able to access the network as soon as each part is finished because deployment will begin right away and activation will be gradual.

Additionally, the MTA’s bottom line will benefit from the deal it has landed, which is important as the pandemic comes to an end.

According to Transit Wireless CEO Melinda White, “We are thrilled to expand our cooperation with the MTA and provide NYC subway riders world-class end-to-end internet, data, and cellular communications.” The expansion of riders’ connectivity across the tunnels and between above-ground stations demonstrates the MTA’s continuous dedication to the riding experience.

The company creating a mobile network on the London Underground, accessible to users of all four major UK mobile providers by 2024, is BAI Communications, which holds a majority stake in Transit Wireless.

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