Jio 5G launched in India Welcome Offer : Who gets it?

jio 5g launch

The availability of actual 5G is still quite unclear, despite Reliance’s claims that people can use it in India thanks to its investment in standalone (SA) technology. All those issues are resolved by us.

Days after Airtel debuted its 5G network in India, Reliance Jio is already rolling out its 5G services in four cities. Although Reliance claims that its investment in standalone (SA) technology allows consumers to experience actual 5G in India, there is still a great deal of confusion surrounding availability and cost. This is due to its new “welcome offer,” which in fact offers users a 5G trial.

As a result, the Jio 5G welcome offer’s eligibility requirements and methods are now even more unclear. However, we have a general concept of availability and eligibility while waiting for more clarification from Jio.

Is Jio 5G available? 

Reliance Jio On October 5, the day before Dussehra, said that its 5G service had begun rolling out in four cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi. The company made it clear that this is the “true-5G” “beta trial” phase. It indicates that not all customers (even in these four locations) are qualified for the initial phase and that 5G would be available to a small group of users only through invitation.

Jio will begin expanding its services to more cities once it is generally accessible in these four locations. By December 2023, the business hopes to have all districts covered.

Who gets Jio 5G welcome offer and how?

Let’s begin by stating the obvious. The option for rapid internet connectivity will only be available on 5G-capable phones.

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Find your phone’s model number and visit the official manufacturer’s website to view the specifications to verify if it supports the technology. Your phone does not have the choice if there is no 5G support for the specific smartphone.

The second issue is that Jio hasn’t opened any specific channels for customers to sign up for its 5G services. Customers in these four cities will probably be chosen by the company, who will then update their 4G plans to 5G automatically. Users won’t need to upgrade their SIM cards, which is another benefit.

Remember that Jio announced a similar welcoming offer when its 4G services first launched in India, allowing subscribers to use the network for 90 days for free. The newest generation of the 5G welcome offer is likely to follow a similar plan.

The 5G network will be automatically updated for some Jio users at no cost. The benefits will then become available to more users.

Jio 5G Rate plan

The company hasn’t yet made clear what Jio 5G rates would be. In order to make India a 2G-Mukt (2G free) nation, Jio has repeatedly stated that its 5G services will be attractively priced. The company also focuses on how 5G services will “revolutionize small, medium, and big businesses, IoT, smart homes, agriculture, healthcare, education, and gaming, impacting 1.4 billion Indians.”

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