15 Flexible Jobs For Moms to Make Money Easily
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Suzanne is a working single mom living in my neighborhood, have two babies, and rented a big house. I see her driving her own car.

One big question, how does she afford all this, I’ve never seen her busy in any kind of money business. Then where does the money come from?

I was curious to know this and as my blog was into the niche of ‘making money online, I thought her story would be a great topic for my new post.

Suzanne’s story starts here.

She was very willing to share her experience with all the Mommy out there in the world.

The first part of the story is emotional, which is obvious when one breaks up with someone about the problems they have to go through. Single moms have to face double that. The daily mommy responsibilities and the earning money part.

But how did Suzanne tackle all this to be more successful than most of the men there?

The subject starts here.

The first thing Suzanne thought was of a job, but she knew she needed a job with flexible timings to keep a healthy balance between work and personal responsibilities. Suzanne says, ‘no matter what the job is, you need enough personal time and schedule flexibility to be successful at work and as a mom.

Suzanne shares here 15 Jobs for single moms, their salaries, and responsibilities.

1. Phone interviewer

Phone interviewers have the job of doing market research interviews on phone, and collecting information important to the company. You have to call current or prospective customers to enquire about the company, its products, services, or the industry in general. Doesn’t matter if your educational qualifications are less but you need to have good communication skills.

According to Suzanne, a Phone interviewer’s monthly average salary is around $2989. If you have good communication skills, you can go for this job.

2. A daycare center

At a day center, your job is of a child care provider. Monitoring and tending to the needs of a child or many children. You can provide this service at a daycare center, at the child’s home, or at your own home. There are people doing this job full-time. but you can do this part-time or in flexible hours also. The job needs to be done with great responsibilities and you should have good parenting skills and good teachings. You may also require to cook or drive, depending on the requirements of the job. The monthly average salary of a childcare provider is $2995.

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3. Data entry clerk

The data entry clerk’s job is to use a computer to enter data into a company’s system. The information collected may come from a variety of sources, like audio recordings, handwritten questionnaires, and online feedback forms. You can do it as work from home job as data entry tasks are done completely on a computer it could be done on your home computer desktop or laptop. One does not need any skills or high education degrees, just basic computer skills and a good typing speed are all that you need to do this job. A monthly average salary of a data entry clerk goes to $3200.

4. Blogging

Blogging is one of the greatest and easiest ways of making money for anybody. You don’t have to be an employee, this is like your own business. Bloggers create a blogging website where they write blog posts and articles on a particular subject or niche. The niche or topics could be cooking recipes, your personal experiences, plants, or weight loss. Blogs were used as a personal diary in the initial days but it has now become the best form of a social networking site and is used by companies for their business, news sources, or social networking. Once you start getting good traffic to your blog you can monetize it through Adsense and can make money from the ads running on the blog site. I am a blogger I make 5 figure income easily from one blog site.

5. Marketing Representative

Your job is to promote products and services sold by companies that have hired you to the customers using various approaches and strategies. You have to work closely with the manufacturing and sales teams to identify the correct pricing and the most effective sales and marketing channels to promote the products and services. Most companies hire representatives with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. But Suzanne had also found many open roles where prior marketing or sales experience is enough for the job. The monthly average salary of a marketing representative is $4010

6. Copywriter

The copywriter’s Job is to write text messages for advertising brochures, promotional emails, billboards, online advertisements, and other texts related to advertising a product or a service. The messages are supposed to provide relevant and useful information to current and potential customers to maintain companies positive image. You can work for advertising agencies or copywriting agencies. You can also work as a freelancer. $4400 is the average monthly income of a copywriter.

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7. Graphic designer

Graphic designers create the artwork and visual effects we see in advertising materials, web pages, print media, and other promotional materials. A graphic designer has design knowledge and they use editing software to create the company’s projects. The requirements for this job are you should have good knowledge of photo editing and you have to be creative. there are many websites offering project graphic designer jobs which makes the job flexible. You can expect an average monthly salary of $4800.

8. Social media manager

The main job of Social media managers is to promote products and communicate with customers through the company’s social media channels. Replying to customer queries regarding the products and services provided by the company. To engage the audience and strengthen the company’s social media presence they post links to videos, articles, and music clips. A social media manager needs to be excellent in communication and customer support skills and should have a good knowledge of the social media platform of the company. Social media managers make monthly around $4900.

9. Customer service representative

The job of the customer service representative is to directly deal with customers of the company. Providing relevant information about the products and services sold by the company and tending to the customer’s complaints. The major tasks are to answer customer queries and resolve their issues. In most companies, you can do these tasks remotely on a computer or phone. The monthly average salary of a customer service representative is $4990.

10. Virtual assistant

As a Virtual Assistant, your job is to provide remote administrative support for companies and individuals. Virtual assistants are normally hired as freelance contributors or telecommuting remote employees. They are formally hired as either remote telecommuting employees or freelance contributors. Their services are tailored to the requirements of the specific company or client they are serving. Their general task is customer interaction, scheduling coworkers, word processing, translations, and other support-related jobs. The job often involves working from home with a flexible schedule. the monthly average salary of a virtual assistant is $5100

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11. Teacher

A teacher is a qualified person who works with pupils and aids in their pursuit of knowledge or expertise in a certain field. They create the learning material, including the lessons, homework, and exams. Teachers frequently have to come up with the best ways to help students learn using various mediums, such as text and video. The nature of the job is determined by a variety of factors, including the age of the students, the subject taught, and the school type. The monthly average salary of a teacher goes to $5100

12. Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who begins a business with the aim of earning from it. Entrepreneurs often handle most or all management functions during the initial phase of a company’s lifecycle, such as retaining employees, operating day-to-day operations, and handling sales and marketing duties. The eligibility of a person for the role of an entrepreneur is determined by their abilities and knowledge. An entrepreneur makes monthly around $5000

13. Web developer

Web developers apply computer languages to make websites, design webpages, and build other kinds of visual content for their company or for individual clients. A degree in a computer-related field is usually required to become a web developer, however, several online courses will teach you how to code. Web developers might work individually on multiple projects or for a single organization. As a web developer, you can make monthly around $5600.

14. Sales representative

A sales representative is someone who sells goods or services to targeted customers. The key duties of the role often include advertising the hiring company’s products and services, locating potential clients, and persuading them to buy a product through presentations and the use of numerous sales tactics. The most important skills for a salesperson are strong communication, product or service expertise, and negotiating. A sales representative makes monthly $6000

15. Real estate agent

Real estate agents help customers sell, buy, and rent a residential, commercial, and industrial properties. They handle everything from locating appropriate real estate and preparing contracts to establish property listings and scheduling viewings. Most experts in this industry work on their own schedules and set their own hours. As a real estate agent, you can make monthly $8600.

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