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Good News of Work From Home Employees of this Company Can Permanently Work From Home Now
image source: Airbnb Inc

Working from home was a necessity during the lockdowns. Companies allowed employees to work from home as precautionary measures in the Corona era. But now when everything has come back to normal they are calling back all the employees to the office.

However, one international company Airbnb Inc. has started a new trend of allowing permanent work-from-home jobs to its employees. Operating in 170 countries working in lodging, homestay, and tourism sector. This company has implemented this policy in all of its companies around the world for all of its employees.

Airbnb employees can stay in any country, any city, and work from anywhere will not affect their pay structure.

In an Email sent to its employees, Airbnb Inc CEO and cofounder Brian Chesky informed them about this new policy of the company. He says this will attract great talent and competent people to the company and retain the existing staff.

Airbnb employs 6000 people across the world, 3000 from the United States and 3000 from the rest of the world. In 2021 the company’s profit rose 25 percent.

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All the people in Airbnb are delighted with this policy and social media is abuzz with the news.

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