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6 Dream Jobs for Mom’s

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There are jobs for moms that could be called “dream jobs.” These jobs allow you to spend time with your family while also earning money. The jobs are flexible enough for you to go on a vacation or a small trip to your favorite place. These jobs give you financial security when you are busy making your family.

Moms are not able to do things they could do before they were moms , due to the motherly responsibilities, and the financial problems. But the jobs we are going to learn about in this article will help you be free and allow you to do all the big and small things you could do before you were a mom.

According to a recent survey, five years ago, more than 60 percent of moms were employed. Most of them were doing full-time jobs.

Because of the higher percentage of employment today, millions of new job opportunities have emerged over the last five years.

Everyone has job opportunities today due to the work-from-home trend; in fact, there is one company, AirBnB, that has officially declared work-from home for all the employees permanently.

How to choose a Mom job?

Mothers who want to start a career should consider several core objectives; the most important of which are income potential, work safety, scheduling flexibility, and the required education.

The toughest part here is narrowing down the search given the variety of jobs available. That’s why you need to read this article; In this post I have done the job of narrowing it down and listed 6 top perfect jobs for moms and explained why they could be the dream jobs.

6 Perfect Jobs for Busy Moms

Every mom is in a different situation and has a different mindset; what you want may not be liked by others, which is why there are no jobs that fit all. However, the jobs we have here will be suitable for most of the moms.

1. Realtor

Realtors are real estate agents that help clients buy, sell, or rent properties . As a realtor, your job is to approach new buyers and educate them on prices and market trends.

This is a good job for a mom because you can fix appointments with the clients for meetings or showing them properties, which is most of the time flexible for both of you.

You have to maintain the list of all the properties that are available for sale or lease in the market. The toughest part here is negotiating with clients. Which I think all the moms in the world can do very well. After you strike a deal, you have to handle all the paperwork.

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In the negotiation you can represent either the buyer or seller. As a buyer’s broker or realtor, you have to meet the buyer and understand their requirements and expectations. As a sellers broker you have to meet the seller and figureout the price of the property to be given and find them good buyers.

You have to have good knowledge of the housing market and a state license. 4 to 5 hours a day is enough for this career, and you can even work in the evenings or on weekends to keep it flexible.


You can schedule your work timings, though sometimes you may have to work for long. There are no set times, which allows you to accommodate your mother’s tasks. If done with dedication, a mom can earn $4,000 monthly.

2. Human Resource Expert.

Human resource experts, or HR experts, are those who recruit, examine, interview, and place employees with companies.

No matter what your skills are, your job as an HR professional is to deal with employee relations, their pay, and their training. You will also have to follow federal, state and local regulations.


It’s just the job for Moms, as it requires competency and caring. A mom can handle a crying child and complete her daily household chores on time. I highly doubt a man can do that; I know, I am a man. As an HR, you are required to be competent and caring with the employees to complete the assignments on time.

Moms have those communication skills to solve problems, which we need for this job. The job requires you to work with several people.

This job has a simple work schedule and free weekends and holidays. The average monthly salary is around $5,000. Given the flexibility of the job, $5,000 a month is a good bargain.

3. Graphic Designer.

Graphic designers develop images to express ideas to consumers. Their tasks can range from creating labels to images to whole company identities. They offer their designs to management or buyers and strive to develop images that satisfy all parties. They also use a variety of software and computer techniques to create various types of content according to the requirements of their business and customers.

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Graphic design is an incredible job option for moms. Graphic design jobs are very flexible, with options for full-time, part-time, freelance, office, and remote work. Graphic designers earn $4,000 a month on average

Time management, creativity, and the ability to incorporate other people’s ideas into your design are important skills for this profession. If you’re drawn to art beyond other things, graphic design could be the career for you.

4.Preschool teacher

For children under the age of five who have not yet started kindergarten, preschool teachers provide care and education. Daycare facilities, preschools, or other organizations that provide preschools for the local population may employ them.

The preschool teachers arrange fun and educational activities for the children under their supervision to promote growth at the proper age. They educate kids while keeping parents informed about their growth and keeping an eye out for any symptoms of psychological or developmental issues.

Preschool teachers teach kids about the world through play and other educational methods. Depending on their work environment, they may spend time creating everything from an early learning curriculum to a meal plan.


Preschool teachers are in great demand, and over the next 10 years, employment is predicted to grow faster than average. Moms who have expertise working with small children will have the most luck getting employment; therefore, it’s a great career option.

Since many centers enable staff and teachers to bring their children to the facility or school at a discount or even for free, this career could be a vital choice for moms who don’t have additional childcare. Preschool teachers who are employed by a school will probably have the summer and holidays off, and they may discover that their schedules are somewhat more parallel to those of their students.

5. Web developer

These days, technology professions are popular, yet moms hardly ever consider working in this field. According to their individual roles, web developers design and build websites. They may be in charge of the visual appearance of a site as well as its technical features and functions.

Most web developers will meet with clients and/or management to discuss their website’s requirements. They learn how to test programs and develop website code. They may also analyze online traffic, integrate video and audio content, and even generate content, depending on the function.


Web development is an excellent alternative for moms since you can work remotely, or at least from home, when the kids are ill or childcare is unavailable. However, this position has a high earning potential: the average monthly salary for web developers is $5,600.

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Furthermore, career opportunities for web developers look to be promising. Employment of these computer professionals is expected to expand 15% by 2026, considerably faster than the average rate of growth for all professions.

Aside from employment options and possible wages, the actual work of a web developer suits moms well. Web developers, for example, must develop sites to meet the demands of their clients — a process that requires active listening and the ability to interpret what someone truly means when they convey what they want.

When your newborn throws a tantrum or your first-grader comes home from school babbling incessantly, you’ve certainly had a lot of practice reading between the lines of communication. In web development, instinct and the ability to recognize needs are critical tools.

Web developers must also have strong communication skills, a passion to learn new computer languages, and a creative eye.

6. Healthcare assistant

In the offices of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare centers, healthcare assistants carry out clinical and administrative duties. In a clinic, they are usually one of the first people you encounter. They take your personal data and monitor your health status. Most likely, when you brought your child in for a checkup, you interacted with a healthcare assistant.

These personnel also schedule patient appointments, gather samples for lab tests, give injections, needles, and prescriptions, and conduct medical history, safety, and health interviews with patients.


Most likely, you are familiar with basic medical treatment. You understand how important it is for parents to be educated about health and safety, whether that knowledge comes from sending your kids to the doctor or from having more first-hand experience with injuries like bloody noses and fevers.

Medical assistants or health care assistants are more likely than other healthcare professionals to have a standard 9–5 work schedule without having to report on holidays since these clinics have set office hours.

Medical assistant employment is expected to expand 29 percent by 2026, substantially faster than the national average for all occupations. As the baby boomer population ages and demand for healthcare increases, this profession, like many others in healthcare, has a very promising future. This demand will be highly comforting for any mom seeking long-term employment security.

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