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Make $5000 on Twitter
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As a freelancer, Twitter is a fantastic source of making money. However, it’s often ignored in front of other websites like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tiktok. The site is used daily by more than 211 million users. The daily use rate among Americans is about 50%. There will be business for you if you use it appropriately.

Why aren’t more freelancers using Twitter as their major marketplace? Twitter is known as a site where people debate rather than do business. There are around 2,420,000,000 results for the search “Twitter is toxic” on Google.

But a lot of prosperous freelancers use Twitter to advertise, sell, and generate money for themselves. For example, Kris Sanchez began sharing what he called UberFacts with his followers, to the point that he is now an influencer making $500,000 a year on Twitter—all because of trivial items of information! Making $5,000 on Twitter for us is no big deal.

This article will teach you how to use Twitter as a freelancer in 2023, including how to use it and how not to use it.

How not to use Twitter

Let’s start with the things you should avoid doing.

1. Don’t buy followers from people. There are plenty of people offering you rapid followers on social media in the murky corners of the internet. Obviously, for a fee. These are often robot followers. They are, at best, people who are not interested in your message or what you are offering. Save your money and grow your audience wisely.

2. Don’t follow or unfollow people. Avoid following accounts blindly in the hopes that they will return the favor. Even worse, don’t follow anyone and unfollow them as soon as they do. Follow and interact with people whose content you find useful and relevant. Here’s how to get follow-ups in an organic way.

3. Use different content for each social media platform, especially without repeating it. Twitter is not the place for stolen Instagram or LinkedIn posts.

4. Avoid arguing since everyone has the right to their own viewpoint and the freedom to voice it. Anyone who is always arguing is unsuitable for business. Avoid being sucked into Twitter fights, flame wars, or other improper conduct.

How to use twitter to make money

There are three things to do to use Twitter to make money: setting up your profile; efficiently, gaining followers and tweeting responsibly

Optimize your Twitter profile

Your Twitter profile is the online representation of your company. To design a profile that will wow your audience, use these best practices.

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Profile photo: Select a photo that makes you appear attractive and approachable. Use a clean background and appropriate lighting. The required size is 400 by 400 pixels. You may save the snapshot in a JPG, PNG, or GIF format.


Pick a name that is unique, appropriate, and ideally free of numbers. There are a lot of numbers in the handles of spam Twitter accounts. Stay away from this connection. Your name could even benefit from an SEO boost.

Cover Photo

A standout header image may enhance your profile. The recommended resolution is 1500 by 500 pixels. Use it to showcase companies you’ve worked with, positive press coverage you’ve had, or what you can offer potential customers. Or else, use a clear, simple picture or design instead. Keep in mind that Twitter is the sixth-most popular smartphone app. Twitter is mostly used on mobile devices by its users. On a mobile device, the header’s top and bottom can be hidden. Keep all of the essential information in the center.


 Use your real name as the name. Next to your name, you may write “freelancer” and the name of your profession. Visitors can then quickly understand what you’re up to.


In only 160 characters, provide the most thorough bio you can. Mention your personality, what you do, and why others should pay attention to you. Within and outside Twitter, keywords help make your profile visible in search results. In your bio, you are allowed to include hashtags, but make sure they are really relevant. Common hashtags might be an annoyance that keeps people from viewing your profile since they are clickable. To encourage visitors to visit your selected website, include a call to action at the end of your bio.


Select a useful link for the website area. It may be a link to your email list, a link to schedule an educational session, or a link to the sales page for your stuff. Connect this to the call to action in your bio. You can connect to your LinkedIn profile or online portfolio if you don’t already have a website.


Depending on the location you select, Twitter will show your profile when others search for you locally. This is a terrific technique to help local clients find your company if your firm mostly targets them.


 Make sure your settings allow direct messages (DMs) to be sent to you and that your tweets are public. To make your tweets public, go to Settings → Privacy and security → Audiences and tagging → uncheck Protect your tweets. To allow DMs from anyone, go to Settings → Privacy and security → Direct messages → tick the Allow anyone to request messages box.

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Pinned Tweet

 The pinned tweet is shown at the top of your feed. Make use of this feature to highlight your profile. It may be a tweet promoting your website, your top-selling items, your greatest work, or a significant recent update.

Increase your Twitter followers

You may begin building your followers when you’ve optimized your profile. Here are some ways to grow your Twitter following.

Decide who to follow

 Those whose content is useful to you to follow include colleagues in your profession, potential clients, business partners, and influencers. You’ll have a feed to expect in no time.

Use twitter list

Use Twitter lists to manage the tweets that appear on your timeline. This is a great method to organize your interests and connect with relevant accounts you follow. On Twitter, there are public lists that are accessible to everyone. Also, you have the option to make private lists only for yourself.

Participate in something useful

 If you have anything to add to the topic, leave a comment and retweet. Respect others and participate in the dialogs going on.

Join Twitter Spaces

 Live audio chats on Twitter are possible using Twitter Spaces. It’s a fantastic method to communicate with like-minded people and gain knowledge from one another.

Writing interesting tweets

The next step involves writing interesting tweets. Although some skill is needed, it is not very difficult.

A tweet can have up to 280 characters, but between 71 and 100 characters is the perfect length.

Using more than two hashtags may disturb readers.

Use convincing words, be clear, and ask questions.

Share ideas, experiences, and helpful information with your followers by using threads.

Make money on twitter

You have put in the effort. The time has come to make money from it.

One of the easiest methods to earn money as a freelancer on Twitter is to generate leads for your services and sell things. Some professionals give their thoughts on how to begin.

Twitter lead generation

One expert’s advice to freelancers regarding Twitter lead generation is to “pay attention to your business on the account you use to promote it.” Post your garbage somewhere else. Give examples and additional examples of your skill. Share your most recent successes. Post frequently and consistently. Share content that will benefit your audience. Avoid including too many outlinks because Twitter won’t help you gain much publicity. Use your bio and include a link to your website.

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Another expert stressed the need for being genuine, helpful, and honest on Twitter. “I started using Twitter in 2012. Sorry! I never had a Twitter strategy or content plan. Instead, I developed my audience by writing blogs that were both educational and interesting about the freelance lifestyle and the language, as well as by being authentic. People are more likely to see you as someone worth following when they get a true sense of who you are — when you can move them, inform them, or make them laugh. These followers eventually turn into friends and occasionally clients.

Use Twitter to market products

Selling affiliate items they trust and believe in, as well as selling their own products, are the two ways freelancers may make money on Twitter.

An expert shared on Twitter their affiliate marketing tactics. “First, search for profiles and posts that are in your niche and engage with them like you would want your potential clients to. Find the thought leaders and the influencers. Second, avoid launching your site too far. Targeting your ideal consumer should remain a priority over targeting everyone else. Finally, make good use of hashtags. I have a list of creative or humorous hashtags that spring to me, but I don’t always need them right away, so I’ll be prepared when the time comes. The best hashtag approach is to be ready with a list of smart hashtags and use current events that attract your audience.

Another user wrote about her experience using Twitter to market her own digital products. “A few months ago, I started using Twitter with the goal of boosting value and reducing ebook advertising. However, I immediately became aware of two aspects of producing content on Twitter. Firstly, tweets have a limited lifespan. Second, unlike other social media sites, Twitter tweets may be clicked on 10 times each day if you want more. Since then, I’ve been marketing one of my five ebooks at least once every day, and I’ve started to make at least one sale every day. Although it’s nice to consistently market your info stuff, it’s much better to add the link in your profile.”

Aim to start making money from Twitter in 2023.

For many freelancers, Twitter is an unexplored source of leads and business. But using the platform’s capabilities is not difficult.

Create an outstanding profile, build a devoted following, and dazzle them with fantastic tweets. It wouldn’t take long for you to begin earning money from your Twitter page.



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