9 Apps That Pay You to Walk

9 apps that pay you to walk
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Do you walk, why?, to lose that belly fat, digest the cheesy fast food you eat all day, for your dog, or because you just love to walk? Ok, whatever the reason, here’s some good news for walkers. They can make money doing so.

You can make money walking; no, it’s not a scam. If you have read my other articles, you will know that I do good research before I pen it down.

There are some apps that pay you to walk—not much, but whatever you get, grab it. If you are walking for free, why not try it?

This article will guide you through the whole process. We have links here; clicking on them will land you directly on the apps. Just go through the article, and it will help you start making money by walking.

I have rounded up 10 of the most reliable apps where you 
can really earn money, may be not cash always, but gift cards, or other forms of rewards as well.


WeWard is a legit app for making money walking; you can visit the Google Play store and read reviews of the people who are really making money on it.

After downloading and installing, sign up and get started. WeWard counts your step when you walk using the geolocation feature of your phone.

If you walk 10,000 steps, you get 10 wards which equals $2. That is not much, but you were walking anyway, so why not get that $

Here is the table of the plan:

The first level of 1500 steps earns you one ward.

The second level of 3000 steps earns you two more wards.

The third level of 6500 steps rewards you with three more Wards.

The fourth level of 10,000 steps earns you 4 more Wards.

The sixth level of 15,000 steps earns you 5 Wards more.

The final goal of 20,000 steps earns you 10 more wards.

By passing through the levels, you may earn up to 25 wards every day.

Is it motivating? If not for money, at least for walking, it is.

Why WeWard pays you for walking?

The concept of WeWard is to motivate users to take more steps daily by offering them cash back for visiting partner shops or museums in their local area. Based on the steps a user has taken and location purchases, they then receive rewards, which they can then cash out.

It’s a give-and-take partnership system.

Map my fitness

The second legit app on our list that lets you make money by walking.

Mapmy Fitness is associated with apps like MapMyWalk and MapMyRun, which reward us for our efforts.

How does it work?

These apps provide a wide range of tasks to complete as well as a number of contests to win prizes.

Although there isn’t any money involved in the rewards, you can still get gifts related to your sporting activities.

What’s amazing about these apps is that they can quickly connect to your device’s sensors.

Furthermore, you can check the training sessions provided by these apps by using your phone’s GPS function.

Sufficient to replace other fitness apps as well as earn rewards.

Charity Miles

The Charity Miles app works differently from other apps.

With Charity Miles, you can engage in physical activities like biking, walking, or running while earning tons of prizes.

But unlike the other apps mentioned in this article, the winners of these prizes are to donate the money to a charitable organization like “Feeding America” or the “Alzheimer’s Association.”

Charity Miles is a legit app that allows you to earn money by walking while also helping others.

I think the concept is quite unique, and I would recommend using this app.

You are donating without losing a dime—what a beautiful concept! You are walking for charity, though this is not why you are reading this article.

I would highly recommend doing this because you were walking for free, and now you are doing it to help someone and stay healthy.


Achievement App not only pays you for walking but for other activities as well, such as running, swimming, or riding a bike.

Every day with these activities, you gain small earnings in the form of points, like 6 points, for logging in your food intake, sleep schedule, weight loss or gain, and sharing your activities on social media.

With all these activities, you can earn an average of 80 points per day.

10,000 points equals $10, not much, but whatever you get for free is good. You can cash in the money, or if you want to donate, you can donate it to charities listed in the app.

If you do this with dedication, you might reach $10 in about 4 months. That said, you earn $30 annually for walking. If you complete surveys provided by this app, you can earn extra cash. Fitbit, Garmin, myfitnesspal, and many more applications are associated with achievement apps.


Sweatcoin is a name you might have heard of; it’s quite popular in this segment.

Sweatcoin pays you to walk, but not in the form of cash but in the form of sweatcoin currency. You can use this currency to redeem for products, services, and other experiences.


Do you like to bet, take challenges and have a competitive attitude, then you will enjoy this app.

StepBet uses “gamification” to motivate its customers to grow their businesses.

How it works?

You have to choose a game to reach your step goals, and then you bet on yourself to achieve those goals. If you win your goal every week throughout the game, you can share the pot with the other winners. That means you get your investment and your profit back.

However, if you don’t reach your goals, you are eliminated from the competition. It sounds very motivating to me; this will help you keep walking and help you stay healthy.

Step Bets Community is a very motivating and responsible organization.

Stepbet can be used on the iPhone and Android. It is compatible with other fitness apps like Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung Health, Apple Watch, Apple Health, and Google Fit.


Gig Walk has missions in addition to sports activities. You don’t earn money here for just walking, but also for other paid activities like clicking on ads and asking for help with different tasks.

If you want to do different tasks, just download the gig walk app and click on “apply” for this job.

When you are selected, you will receive a notification in your mailbox. You can select tasks ranging from 5 minutes to a few hours. The more time-consuming the task, the more money you earn by walking.


WinWalk is a free step counter App. It will record your steps and reward you with coins after every 100 steps.

You can use the coins to get free e-gift cards from famous stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks.

Winwalk is a legit app where you can really earn money; however, it has a limit of 10,000 steps per day. This is the only app on our list which limits your earnings, by the way to stay healthy you need 10,000 steps according to WHO.

Pk Rewards

Pk Rewards, rewards you for all kinds of exercises, including walking. Every exercise receives an effort score; it means the harder you work during your workout, you will receive more coins.

These coins can be redeemed for gift cards and prizes.

Note: All the Apps presented to you in this article are 100% free. Available on the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iPhones.

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