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Babies’ Lives Endangered As Gaza’s Largest Hospital Runs Out of Fuel

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Babies’ Lives Endangered As Gaza’s Largest Hospital Runs Out of Fuel

Gaza’s escalating humanitarian emergency has taken a grim turn as the territory’s central medical facility has been forced to halt operations due to lack of fuel. With power cut, newborn infants are dying unnecessarily amid the chaos of urban warfare.

Neonatal Fatalities Reported As Al Shifa Hospital Loses Power

Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, the enclave’s largest health center, has had to stop services after running out of fuel to operate its backup generators, Gaza health officials reported.

Ashraf Al-Qidra, spokesman for Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry, stated that at least two newborn babies dependent on incubators have died as a result of the electricity loss. He cautioned many more neonatal deaths could occur imminently if the dire power situation is not immediately resolved.

Most of the medical personnel and civilians seeking refuge at Al Shifa have fled for safety as fighting engulfs the vicinity. However, around 500 patients remain stuck in the powerless facility with limited care.

Israel Offers Evacuation Assistance But Dangers Persist

Responding to pleas from Al Shifa’s administration, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have said they are prepared to help evacuate infants from the hospital and other medical sites across northern Gaza.

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Yet Gaza’s health ministry maintains it has received no concrete evacuation plan from Israel. Officials warn that attempting to transport vulnerable babies would likely lead to more deaths given the surrounding hostilities.

Israel insists all remaining doctors, patients and evacuees leave hospitals in the north so the IDF can confront alleged Hamas military elements active in those areas. But Palestinian authorities argue forced displacements under heavy fire would be catastrophic.

Over 11,000 Palestinians Reported Dead Since Israeli Ground Offensive Began

Palestinian officials estimate Israeli airstrikes and artillery fire have killed more than 11,000 Gaza residents since Israel’s ground operation started on October 7. Approximately 40% of the reported casualties are children.

The UN states over 200,000 Gazans have been displaced by the intense Israeli bombing campaign but have no safe place to take refuge within the densely populated strip. Israel disputes the figures, but rights groups accuse it of using disproportionate force with little regard for avoiding civilian loss of life.

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Five More Israeli Military Deaths Confirmed As Netanyahu Vows To Continue

During a Saturday press briefing, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu verified the deaths of five additional Israeli soldiers in Gaza combat. 46 Israeli military personnel have now been killed since ground operations began, per the Israeli government.

Netanyahu stated Hamas continues firing rockets blindly at civilian population centers in southern Israel. He said these attacks claimed over 1,200 Israeli lives last month.

The IDF asserts Hamas has lost over 160 military assets, including rocket launching sites and armored vehicles, in the past two days due to Israeli strikes. Israel remains determined to degrade Hamas’s capabilities further.

Signs Of Progress On Ceasefire Deal To Free Israeli Hostages?

Indications have emerged that Egypt-led negotiations may be advancing toward a temporary truce deal to free Israeli hostages held captive by Hamas in Gaza.

Israel’s major TV channels have reported anonymous sources suggesting 50–100 women, children and elderly detainees could be released in phases during a tentative 3–5 day pause in fighting.

In return, Israel may permit fuel into Gaza and release some minor Palestinian prisoners. However, Israeli PM Netanyahu has declined to publicly discuss any deal specifics.

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Muslim Nations United In Demanding Instant Ceasefire

At an emergency summit in Saudi Arabia, Muslim and Arab nations jointly called for an immediate ceasefire and condemned Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

The coalition dismissed Israel’s self-defense justification and urged the International Criminal Court to investigate potential war crimes committed by Israel. Mass pro-Palestinian protests across Europe over the weekend demonstrated the growing international dissatisfaction with Israel’s policies.

The Mounting Humanitarian Emergency in Gaza

As this lopsided conflict continues into a second month with no political solution in sight, ordinary Gazans endure incalculable suffering. The deepening humanitarian catastrophe, vividly symbolized by preventable infant deaths at Al Shifa hospital, is fundamentally a human calamity requiring urgent international intervention.

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