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World War 3 Warning: Pentagon Insider Says We’re Standing on the Edge after Iran Attack

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A confidential source within the Pentagon has recently warned the Daily Express US that escalating conflict provoked largely by Iran has brought the Middle East to the “brink of World War 3.” The insider’s dire warning comes as Iranian-sponsored militias continue to destabilize the region by assaulting American and Israeli positions, as well as international shipping lanes. Iran itself has also undertaken strikes in neighboring Iraq, Pakistan and Syria, catapulting tensions to perilous new heights.

Defense expert Nicholas Drummond echoed concerns that the brewing crisis in the Middle East could potentially spiral into full-blown war. However, he cautioned that if Tehran directly attacked Israel, the resulting military engagement would spell “the end of Iran.”

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Express US, Drummond commented: “Iran’s agenda in the region, and globally, has been exposed. And Iran is on the back foot.” He continued: “The West is saying to Iran ‘behave yourself, or we will attack you directly.’ I think it’s highly possible that if Iran continues to act through proxies, or to act directly in a way that threatens Western interests, we could see military action taken against Iran, and that would be a major conflict in the Middle East.”

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It remains ambiguous whether Iran is prepared to become embroiled in such a confrontation which, according to Drummond’s assessment, would be ruinous for the regime in Tehran. “I think Iran has to be very, very careful. It has been playing a dangerous game. And it’s about to get punished if it doesn’t step back,” he added.

Drummond highlighted Iran’s recent launch of a missile into Syria, ostensibly to eliminate rebel targets. However, he noted this also served as a demonstration of Iran’s long-range missile capabilities – including weapons that could reach Israel. “That’s the message it’s sending. And of course, if Iran did that, it would be the end of Iran, frankly,” Drummond stressed.

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Overall, Drummond characterized Iran as “the biggest threat to world peace” at present. His stark appraisal of the volatility in the Middle East comes as Iranian proxies continue aggression against the US and Israel from bases in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and elsewhere. In addition, Iranian-supported Houthi insurgents in Yemen have inflicted mayhem on international shipping by assaulting civilian vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

In recent days, Iran has directly hit targets in neighboring Iraq and Pakistan as well as in Syria, intensifying fears of direct confrontation with the US or allies. The United States has retaliated previously by attacking Iranian-backed militants in Syria and Iraq after American military sites in those countries were shelled. Furthermore, the UK and US have initiated airstrikes in Yemen aimed at halting Houthi attacks on shipping lanes vital to global trade.

Israel and the influential Iranian-sponsored militant organization Hezbollah have been trading daily fire since Hamas – another group backed by Tehran – instigated a massive terrorist offensive on October 7, reigniting the Israel-Palestine conflict in a manner not witnessed for decades.

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As tensions boil over between Iran and Western powers, experts emphasize that Tehran should exercise extreme caution to avoid triggering a ruinous war that could topple the regime. However, some analysts assert that Iran’s pattern of aggression through proxies suggests the ayatollahs believe they can continue to strike at enemies with impunity. This risky hubris could potentially ignite World War 3 if Iran miscalculates and prompts a forceful response.

With instability spreading throughout the region, the US and allies must weigh options carefully to contain Iran’s destabilizing activities while averting full-scale war if possible. Butoviet ic – or any other power – should mistake Western restraint for weakness. The civilized world is united against terrorism and will defend the innocent, defeat radical extremists and uphold law, justice and peace.

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