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3 Stocks to Buy for Your Retirement in January 2024

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As retirement looms ahead for many, securing a stable financial future becomes paramount. Retirement stocks, the bastions of stability amidst market turbulence, hold the key to building a portfolio resilient enough to weather any storm. Their steady dividends and formidable balance sheets portend a safe passage into the golden years for investors wise enough to recognize their value.

The appeal of retirement stocks spans beyond just dividends. Meticulously selected, they represent companies poised for enduring success and long-term growth. While short-term gains entice many, retirement stocks prioritize the long view, aiming to construct a portfolio fortified against both economic vagaries and old age’s unforeseen expenses.

With interest rates mired at rock-bottom lows for decades now, stocks have enjoyed a prolonged bull run, their value buoyed by global events like rapid technological transformation and the rise of emerging markets. Throughout these economically invigorating times, some stocks have outshone all others as paragons of resilience. Microsoft, Advanced Microdevices, and Amazon all qualify as such retirement stock stalwarts, their steady ascent over the years signaling both their current strength and future potential.

Microsoft: The Tech Industry’s 800-pound Gorilla

Microsoft looms over the tech landscape like an 800-pound gorilla dominates a forest. Its 80% share of the PC software market provides a steady stream of revenue immune to wider economic gyrations. Meanwhile, the company’s push into cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence aims to add new chapters to an already illustrious 45-year-long growth story.

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Take Microsoft’s new Copilot feature, integrated directly into its Office 365 suite and designed to revolutionize how people write. Copilot represents one of the most advanced AI writing assistants available, employing deep learning techniques to suggest whole sentences and even entire paragraphs to users as they type. ThisPositions Microsoft advantageously in the AI race at the very moment the PC market appears poised for a resurgence in demand.

Microsoft’s latest financials radiate strength. Revenues for the first quarter of 2023 hit $56.5 billion, a 13% jump compared to the previous year. Microsoft’s cloud computing services drove most of these gains, with the Intelligent Cloud segment specifically witnessing 19% revenue growth. But Microsoft’s gaming division also displayed remarkable strength, producing over $15 billion in revenue in 2022 on the back of several high-profile studio acquisitions.

With the pending $69 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft’s gaming revenues could top $20 billion in 2023. Add in AI and cloud computing growth, and it becomes clear why Microsoft recently surpassed Apple as the world’s most valuable company. With most analysts rating it a “strong buy” and an average upside potential around 9%, Microsoft remains one of the most compelling retirement stocks available.

AMD: The Little Chipmaker That Could

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) represents the quintessential David taking on industry Goliaths. Once an underdog in the central processing unit (CPU) market dominated by Intel, AMD now threatens to disrupt the entire semiconductor industry.

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The upcoming launch of AMD’s MI300x graphics processing unit (GPU) families aims directly at industry leader Nvidia’s stronghold in artificial intelligence chips. Tech giants like Microsoft already plan to utilize AMD’s new MI300x chips to power their own AI and machine learning projects. This audacious move builds upon AMD’s established reputation for building faster and more powerful PC CPUs than competitors.

And AMD’s financial results suggest the company’s bold strategy is paying off. Fourth quarter 2022 earnings exceeded expectations, with revenues growing 4.1% annually to $5.8 billion. Sales of chips for PCs and data centers specifically surged 42% year-over-year. Moving into 2023, AMD expects full-year revenues around $26.3 billion, representing impressive 9% annual growth.

AMD’s stock price reflects this strong outlook. After surging over 120% in 2022, shares continue climbing in 2023 thanks to AMD’s exposure to fast-growing markets like data centers, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. The company’s push into automotive chips and other emerging technologies also helps secure its position as a retirement portfolio cornerstone for years to come.

Amazon: Ecommerce Juggernaut Embraces AI and More

What began as an online bookseller in Jeff Bezos’ garage now ranks among the world’s most valuable companies. Amazon’s dominance of ecommerce lay the foundation for its success, but the company also serves as a paragon of constant innovation and adaptation.

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Look no further than Amazon’s latest advancements in artificial intelligence. The company recently unveiled a new AI tool designed to enhance customer service by generating summarized answers from product listings and reviews. This technology builds upon Amazon’s existing AI-powered chatbot for customer inquiries.

Amazon’s financial performance also reflects a company firing on all cylinders. Q3 2022 produced record earnings, with revenues climbing 12.6% year-over-year to $143.1 billion. Browsing growth on the company’s marketplace, Prime membership expansion, and AWS cloud computing all fueled Amazon’s standout quarter. A $1.2 billion pre-tax gain from its investment in Rivian Automotive represented just icing on the cake.

The road ahead looks similarly promising for Amazon. The company plans to double down on AI via its Alexa digital assistant and new chatbot named Q. Meanwhile, the hiring of a former Disney streaming executive promises to bolster Amazon’s ability to monetize Prime Video through advertising. With machine learning driving innovations across its business divisions, Amazon seems well-positioned to maintain sector dominance.

In Sum

As retirement looms closer, selecting stocks with proven long-term growth and resilience becomes critical. Microsoft, AMD, and Amazon all possess the financial strength, innovation pipelines, and market positioning to deliver stability and growth for years to come. Their steady ascent over the past several decades offers the surest evidence for their value as cornerstone retirement portfolio holdings.

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