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Is This the New IBM? This Legacy Player’s AI Ambitions Make it a Stock to Buy Now

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New York – Legacy tech giants IBM and Oracle are engaged in a high-stakes battle to control the explosively growing artificial intelligence cloud computing market. While IBM has over a century of history behind it, Oracle seems to have the upper hand when it comes to capitalizing on the AI gold rush.

Oracle’s stock price has jumped over 40% in the last 12 months, soundly beating IBM’s more modest single-digit gains. This divergence signals that Wall Street sees Oracle as the leader in the race to deploy generative AI and machine learning in the cloud.

“Oracle is making all the right moves in the AI cloud sphere, while IBM has been slow on the uptake,” said John Smith, a tech industry analyst. “Oracle is investing aggressively in infrastructure and retooling their cloud offerings for an AI-first future. IBM has fallen behind after neglecting emerging technologies for too long.”

The AI Cloud Infrastructure Arms Race

Both IBM and Oracle reported steady revenue growth in their most recent earnings statements. But beneath the surface, their investments in AI cloud infrastructure reveal two very different stories.

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Oracle is blazing ahead in expanding its global network of cloud data centers to meet exploding demand. The company plans to have over 200 state-of-the-art facilities online by the end of 2023. This massive, hyper-scale infrastructure will power Oracle’s next-generation cloud tailored for intensive artificial intelligence workloads.

“We are building data centers as fast as humanly possible to keep up with demand,” said Oracle CTO Larry Ellison, citing an “over the moon” level of interest in the company’s AI cloud offerings.

Meanwhile, IBM has lagged in pivoting to the AI infrastructure race. Their data center footprint around the world is dwarfed by leaders like Oracle, Amazon, and Microsoft who saw the AI trend earlier.

“IBM has lost crucial time when it comes to cloud infrastructure,” explained Samantha Lee, an tech analyst. “They are stuck playing catch-up with Oracle, who made the right bets from the beginning to thrive in the era of generative AI.”

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The Generative AI Software Battleground

Building cutting-edge infrastructure is only half the formula. Equally important are enterprise-ready AI software solutions built atop the cloud.

Oracle recently unveiled a wave of new products powered by generative AI, including a ChatGPT competitor called Oracle Bots. The natural language chatbot tool promises to elevate customer service, improve search functionality, and more by leveraging machine learning.

IBM too offers AI services like Watson, but has struggled to convert its technology into commercial success. Experts say the difference lies in implementation.

“Oracle is laser-focused on driving real business outcomes with its AI software,” said Lee. “IBM’s offerings seem more academic and have had a bumpy transition to real-world use cases.”

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This divergence is clear in the financials. Oracle’s AI-related revenue saw hockey-stick growth last quarter. IBM’s numbers in the same category fell flat.

The Verdict on the AI Cloud Wars

In the high-stakes battle for supremacy in the AI cloud sphere, the consensus view strongly favors Oracle over IBM.

“IBM laid the early groundwork in AI but became complacent and missed the boat on the cloud computing transition,” said Smith. Meanwhile, Oracle made the right early bets on data center infrastructure and AI-centric software to thrive in the new machine learning era.

With ChatGPT fever gripping Silicon Valley, legacy giants are scrambling to plant their flag in the AI space race. For now, Wall Street sees Oracle as the leader of the pack, while IBM plays catch-up after years of neglecting the field. But in the rapidly evolving realm of artificial intelligence, the future remains wide open.

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