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Driver Who Killed Everwood Star Treat Williams Finally Admits Guilt

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What’s up fam? I’ve got a heavy story to lay on you today involving the death of beloved actor Treat Williams last year. Y’all remember him as the dad Dr. Brown from Everwood, right? Or maybe you’re more familiar with his breakout role in the 1979 classic Hair that scored him a Golden Globe nod. Whichever role was your favorite, we can all agree Treat was an incredible talent taken from this world too soon.

On June 12th, 2023, the 71-year-old actor was out riding his motorcycle in Vermont when a car driven by local resident Ryan Koss collided with him. A tragic accident that immediately took Williams’ life.

For months, Koss insisted he was innocent, pleading not guilty to a felony charge of grossly negligent operation resulting in death. Let’s be real, that’s some heavy legal jargon, but essentially it meant Koss was facing up to 15 years in prison if convicted of killing Williams through extreme negligence and carelessness. 15 years! You can’t make this stuff up.

But in a surprise move this past Friday, Koss changed his tune and pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of negligent driving. I know what you’re thinking – “But, how is killing someone just negligent driving?” Here’s the deal:

According to investigators, Koss simply failed to see Williams on that motorcycle before crashing into him. A tragic lapse of awareness, but not necessarily gross negligence in the legal sense.

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As part of the plea deal, Koss received a one-year deferred sentence and will be on probation for a year. His license is also revoked for a year, and he has to attend one of those community accountability programs. Not exactly a slap on the wrist, but far less than the potential 15-year sentence.

The hearing on Friday was an emotional scene, with Koss standing before Williams’ wife Pam Van Sant, 32-year-old son Gill, and 25-year-old daughter Ellie to directly apologize and take responsibility, saying quote:

“I’m here to apologize and take responsibility for this tragic accident. And I hope this moment can bring some resolution to anyone impacted by this tragedy, especially to Pam, Gill and Ellie. I’m so sorry.”

In what can only be described as an incredibly strong showing of forgiveness and grace after such an unimaginable loss, Gill responded to Koss: “I do forgive you, and I hope that you forgive yourself. I really wish you hadn’t killed my father. I really had to say that.”

Wow. Could you imagine having that level of empathy and compassion after losing your dad in such a horrific way? Gill is tapping into some next-level humanity there.

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Ellie’s statement showed she hasn’t yet reached that stage of forgiveness, saying “I can’t forgive you right now, but I hope I can in the future.” She poured her heart out, explaining: “I will never get to feel my father’s hug again; be able to get his advice again, introduce him to my future husband, have him walk me down the aisle, introduce him to my babies, and have him cry when I name my first son after him.”

You can’t help but feel for Ellie and the entire Williams family as they reckon with the harsh reality that their lives “will never be the same” after this tragedy, as Pam expressed in her statement. She captured the immense void perfectly, saying “Our family has been torn apart and there is a huge hole that can’t possibly be filled.

While Koss’ admission of guilt and accountability is the first step towards some sense of closure, it doesn’t undo this catastrophic loss. Williams was not just an Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actor with over 120 credits to his name – he was a loving husband, father, and all-around great dude by all accounts.

From fan-favorite shows like Everwood, to big films like Steven Spielberg’s 1941 and Heart of Dixie, to recent hits Blue Bloods and Chicago Fire, Williams always brought his A-game and that leading man charisma for decades. Not to mention those Hallmark movies he did that you know your mom loves.

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Perhaps cruellest of all, the medical examiner determined Williams died from “severe trauma and blood loss” – a fatality caused by the very injuries and bloodshed that he portrayed heroic doctors fighting to stop in so many of his roles.

So as the legal saga wraps, let’s not forget to celebrate the incredible human being we lost that day. Treat Williams may be gone from this earth, but his powerful body of work and spirit lives on.

We can honor his memory by remembering the art he created, the lives he enriched both on screen and off, and striving to show even a fraction of the grace exemplified by his family in the wake of such a heartbreaking loss.

In the end, when we lose those nearest and dearest far too soon, may we all have the strength to keep their bright light shining within us as we navigate the long, winding road of grief. One love, one heart, one Treat Williams.



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