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3 Long-Term AI Stocks to Invest $1,150 In Today

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The artificial intelligence boom is rapidly reshaping the world around us, transforming how we live, work and invest. As AI’s exponential growth trajectory continues, forward-looking investors are racing to get in early on the companies poised to lead this technological renaissance. Here are three AI powerhouses that every long-term portfolio should own a piece of.

Snowflake: The Data Cloud Powering AI’s Brain

In the AI era, data is like crude oil was for the industrial revolution – the fuel that powers the innovative engines of economic disruption. Every artificial intelligence model, whether it’s analyzing medical scans or writing human-like prose, runs on vast troves of data.

Snowflake operates the preeminent cloud-based data platform, enabling companies to neatly store, organize, query and share their ever-expanding data repositories. Its user-friendly system and scalable, consumption-based pricing have made it a runaway success with a market cap over $60 billion.

“Snowflake is becoming central to the AI revolution,” says Dan Springer, an AI investor at data analytics firm Catalytic Search Partners. “As the hunger for data exponentially grows, Snowflake’s value and importance will only appreciate.”

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Industry experts see Snowflake maintaining a sustainable edge as an AI data utility with deep cloud partnerships versus narrower, point solution rivals likeDatabricks. While still unprofitable, the company’s efficient business model and stratospheric growth trajectory give it a long runway.

Palantir: The AI Deployment Specialists

For most enterprises, integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence into mission-critical workflows is devilishly complex. That’s where Palantir comes in – the AI services juggernaut that builds and deploys custom software platforms to infuse corporations and government agencies with advanced analytics and AI capabilities.

Its newest product, the AI Platform (AIP), has rapidly emerged as a key growth driver by allowing clients to incorporate generative AI, computer vision, and other paradigm-shifting technologies. Palantir’s swelling roster of over 200 U.S. commercial customers signals soaring demand.

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“Palantir has first-mover advantage as companies desperately need AI integration partners,” said investment analyst Rom Molla at Delaware Alpha Partners. “Their engrained government roots provide a solid foundation too.”

While skeptics knock the company’s complex stock structure and eccentric founders, Palantir’s entrenched position solving hard AI problems for deep-pocketed enterprises makes it a compelling buy. Profitability has remained elusive so far, but rapidly scaling enterprise deployments provide cause for optimism.

ASML: Gatekeeper to Cutting-Edge Chips

At the core enabling all paradigm-shifting AI breakthroughs is the need for exponentially more powerful and efficient processors. But the production of advanced semiconductors hitting physical limits is increasingly difficult and costly.

Dutch firm ASML holding a rare and lucrative monopoly: it’s the only company that manufactures the $200 million extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography systems capable of etching leading-edge chip designs onto silicon at microscopic scales. It’s an indispensable chokepoint that global chipmakers like TSMC, Samsung and Intel must pass through.

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“ASML’s proprietary EUV and High-NA machines give it a wide, protective moat in supplying the specialty equipment driving Moore’s Law,” says Rene Haas, chip industry veteran and CEO at IC Insights. “It’s big-tech level pricing power.”

While cyclical downturns can temporarily mute demand, ASML’s criticality skyrockets with each new generational leap in semiconductor complexity required to power transformative AI models like GPT-4 and beyond. The jackpot payday crystallizes further as more production lines upgrade to costlier EUV over legacy lithography tools.

Once dismissed as science-fiction, artificial intelligence’s rapid ascent into the mainstream is rewriting the investment playbook. While short-term volatility is inevitable, owning core enablers like Snowflake, Palantir and ASML gives investors a relatively low-risk entry point into this multigenerational technological paradigm shift.

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