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Ukrainian Drones Strike Deep Inside Russia, Hit Bomber Base

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In a daring strike far behind enemy lines, Ukrainian military drones targeted and attacked the Engels air base overnight, a key bomber base located near the city of Saratov in western Russia, according to a Ukrainian intelligence source.

The Engels base, situated over 450 miles southeast of Moscow, is the primary airfield housing Russia’s fleet of strategic long-range bombers. It has been used as a staging ground for many of the missile and drone attacks Russia has carried out against Ukraine since its full-scale invasion began in February 2022.

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While the Saratov regional governor confirmed Ukrainian drones were shot down near Engels, the Ukrainian military source states they are still evaluating the extent of damage inflicted on the important military installation.

If the strike is confirmed successful, it would mark one of the deepest attacks into Russian territory since the war began over a year ago. In December 2022, three Russian airmen were killed when a drone, believed to be Ukrainian, struck the same Engels air base.

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The bold assault demonstrates Ukraine’s growing ability to take the fight to Russian forces far from the front lines, striking high-value targets deep in enemy territory. It comes amid Ukraine’s continued pleas for longer-range weapons from Western allies to hit key Russian logistics hubs and weapons depots.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the reported strike, stating only that Russia’s military would undoubtedly brief the public if necessary. Russia has stepped up security measures in recent months after a spate of fires and explosions hit sensitive sites like air bases and munitions depots.

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The strike sends a clear signal to Moscow that no part of Russia is safe as long as the invasion of Ukraine continues unabated. It also bolsters Kyiv’s narrative that they can, and will, bring the war home to Russia.

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