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Breaking Alert: Canada Urges Caution for Its Citizens in India’s Polls

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As India prepares for a multi-phase general election beginning next week, the Canadian government has issued a travel advisory urging its citizens to exercise heightened caution while in the country.

The advisory, updated on Wednesday, warns Canadians in India to avoid areas where election rallies, demonstrations or large crowds may gather in the coming weeks. It cites the possibility of disruptions to transportation and notes that curfews could potentially be imposed on short notice in some areas.

“General elections are scheduled to take place between April 19 and June 1, 2024,” the advisory states. “Demonstrations could occur before, during and after the elections.”

With over 900 million eligible voters, the Indian general election is a massive logistical undertaking staggered across multiple dates. Heated rhetoric, rallies by political parties, and Some level of unrest is common during the democratic exercise.

Canada’s warning extends beyond just the election period. The advisory carries over language instructing Canadian travelers to India to keep a low profile, avoid crowds, not share personal information with strangers, and always inform family or friends of their plans.

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The updated guidance comes against the backdrop of strained political relations between the two countries over the past year. In June 2023, a Canadian Sikh man was killed in an attack that police alleged had ties to Indian intelligence agencies – a claim that India denied.

Canada’s prime minister at the time, Justin Trudeau, stated there were “credible allegations” linking Indian agents to the murder, prompting an angry rebuke from New Delhi. India expelled several Canadian diplomats in October, forcing Canada to temporarily suspend consular services in some cities.

The tensions have cooled somewhat in recent months, but the Canadian government continues to urge a “high degree of caution” for its citizens in India’s major urban centers like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Mumbai.

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For Canadian citizens already in India, the advisory recommends steering clear of locations where protests or rallies may take place in the run-up to the elections. During past Indian elections, there have been isolated incidents of violence between rival party supporters.

While inflammatory rhetoric often runs high, Indian authorities make concerted security arrangements to try to ensure the multi-phase polls remain predominantly peaceful. However, the Canadian government is leaving no room for risks where its citizens’ safety is concerned.

“As India holds its general elections, we want to make sure Canadians there remain vigilant,” said a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada. “By avoiding any large crowds or gatherings, they can go about their travel and business while still exercising an abundance of caution.”

For many Indians living abroad, watching the world’s largest exercise in democracy unfold from afar can be an event that stirs tremendous pride as well as concern for loved ones back home. Canadian citizens of Indian origin are hoping for a smooth, safe election process.

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“The elections are a amazing show of democracy in action on a massive scale, which is something to celebrate,” said Raj Sharma, a Canadian entrepreneur from Toronto who travels frequently to India. “But you also want people to get through it without any incidents. Tensions can run high, so it makes sense to avoid getting accidentally caught up in any bad situations if possible.”

As constituencies across India begin heading to the polls starting April 19th, the Canadian travel advisory aims to ensure its citizens steer clear of any potential unrest and securely witness the grand democratic tradition from a distance. A stable and peaceful election is in the interests of both nations.



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