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Iraq hangs 11 over terrorism convictions

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Baghdad – In a stern message against terrorism, Iraqi authorities executed 11 individuals convicted of involvement with the Islamic State militant group this week, multiple sources have confirmed.

The hangings took place on Monday at a prison in the southern city of Nasiriyah under supervision of Iraq’s Justice Ministry, according to a security official in Dhi Qar province. All 11 executed were males from Salahaddin province found guilty of terrorism charges related to ISIS.

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“They were convicted terrorists from ISIS who were hanged under Article 4 of Iraq’s anti-terrorism law,” said the security source, speaking anonymously due to the sensitivity of the matter.

A medical worker corroborated that 11 bodies had been received by the health department after the executions on April 24th. Seven of the bodies have already been returned to families in Salahaddin.

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Under Iraq’s strict anti-terrorism statutes, membership alone in banned extremist groups like ISIS can carry the death penalty, regardless of whether the convicted took part in violent acts. Hundreds of death sentences have been handed down in recent years as Iraq aggresively prosecutes terrorism cases following years of deadly ISIS insurgency.

While human rights groups criticize Iraq’s prolific use of capital punishment, the government maintains it is a necessary deterrent against militants seeking to reignite sectarian bloodshed. Officials provided few details on these latest executions, aiming to showcase resolved judicial action against those spreading terror.

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The hangings underscore Iraq’s continued reliance on harsh penalties for terrorism convictions as the nation rebuilds following the setbacks caused by the ISIS insurgency earlier this decade.



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