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Android Settings
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No matter if you have a Samsung or Xiaomi phone, Android 12 has a lot of hidden features and settings that can dramatically alter how you use your Android device.

In this account, we’ll demonstrate how to use your phone with only one hand, recover unintentionally lost alert notifications, and more. See what Android 12 has to offer in the section below.
With Android 12, you can easily see your notification history.

Have you ever deleted a notification without reading it? 

Most people do it. Since a while ago, Android has featured, device notification history, but to access it, you either needed to know where to look or install third-party software.

Simply scroll to the bottom of your notification shade on Android 12 to find the new History button. When you tap it, recent notifications that have been deleted as well as alerts from the previous 24 hours will appear.

Because Notification History isn’t enabled, ‘Manage’ appears instead of History. By clicking Manage, choosing Notification History, then swiping the switch to the On position, you may turn it on.

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Android One-Handed Mode

Although it may not be the most notable feature in Android 12, a new one-handed mode has the potential to significantly alter how you use your phone. This is particularly true if you have a large-display phone, like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra size.

The new one-handed mode makes it simpler to tap a fast settings tile or a notice by shifting the top half of whatever is on your screen to the bottom half. To utilize it, swipe down while holding your finger on the tiny bar at the bottom of your phone’s display. It could take a few tries, but if you figure out the gesture, it’s simple to replicate.
Toggle the switch to the On position under Settings > System > Gestures > One-Handed Mode to enable it before you may do that. You have two choices under the toggle to activate the feature: Pull the screen into reach or Show notifications. Close the Settings app after choosing the first option.

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Android 12 Gaming Mode

You’ll be glad to know that Google includes a special gaming mode for Android 12 if you play a lot of games on your Android device. Your phone will automatically activate do not disturb when you begin playing if it is on.
But unless you dug deep into, of all places, your notification settings, you’d never even be aware that the mode ever existed. Visit Schedules under Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb. To activate it, go there and choose the box next to “Game Mode.” Next, tap the Settings gear icon to toggle both things.

Game mode, in my testing, doesn’t function in every game (looking at you, Asphalt 9). However, Call of Duty Mobile does support it. When it’s activated, you may examine your device’s current frames per second or quickly force your phone to optimize itself for gaming.

Android 12 new app layout option

The app grid on the home screen of your phone often comes in sizes of 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6 (or similar combinations). On the Pixel 5, Android 12 introduces a new app grid option called 2×2, which is laughably absurd at first appearance. I presume this is just available on Pixel phones, but I hope additional phone manufacturers implement it because it’s a vital accessibility feature for people who require larger app icons.

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Long-press your home screen to switch to the new 2×2 layout, then choose Styles & Wallpapers > Grid > 2×2.
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