Make $1500/Month Typing Jobs: 7 Ways

Make $1500 Month Typing Job 7 Ways
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I always wondered how I could make money by typing. I tried a typing job as a side hustle but quit it because I was not satisfied with it. I wanted something better than that.

After doing some good research, I came across seven legit ways to make money by typing. Today, I earn more than $1500 per month with these.

If you want to earn money by typing, go through this post where I have shared my experience.

7 Legit Ways of making money by typing.

1. Make money by typing books.

We know that people are switching to digital reading and audiobooks instead of the age-old traditional book reading. Due to this, authors have been joining in to make their books digital.

I discovered a fantastic opportunity to earn money typing for books here. I got jobs typing old books, manuscripts, journals, and documents remotely by just using my laptop.

These are the places where I found typing book jobs; you can try them here for the same.

Fiverr—I created an attractive profile describing what I can do and how much I charge. Some clients liked my profile and believed in me. They understood me to be competent for the job, and I was hired.

Upwork — Upwork is an interesting place to work because it has a bidding model. Here you can bid on typing jobs. I had projected myself very well in the profiles, and despite the heavy competition, I got a number of jobs.

2. Make money typing captchas.

We’ve all seen captchas; they’re mostly used when signing up for things. But for those who don’t know what captchas are, they are a sort of challenge-response test used to understand the user. Whether it’s human operation or automated software used

A puzzle-like window pops up with images, audio, letters, math, or 3D. Unless you solve it, you won’t proceed further.

Companies use automated software to sign up for thousands of sites. They are successful in doing so until they come across the captchas. This is where opportunity knocks for people like us. They hire people to solve them. You can make money solving the captchas.

Here are some companies where I made money solving captchas.

Captcha TYPERS — You get paid from $0.45 to $1.5 for 1,000 captchas.

Fast Typers — $1.5 For 1,000 solutions.

Kolotibablo — You get $0.35-$1 for 1,000 Captchas.

Mega Typers — $0.45 to $1.5. For solving 1,000-word images.

Virtual Bee — Virtual Bee takes an evaluation test to qualify you, after which you can earn $0.35-$1 for every 1000 keystrokes.

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3. Type Fast to Make Money

I did not know that we get paid for typing fast, there are companies that pay you for typing faster, now, my speed is around 70 words per minute, so I made good money typing fast here.

I realized the companies had minimum speed requirements, that’s in words per minute. I mean if you type faster you have more chances of getting hired.

Like, if you can type live lectures, court proceedings, or online classes you can get speech-to-text typing jobs.

We can also work as online note-takers for handicapped students, and doctoral students.

But, I would recommend you before applying for these jobs, better get some good experience and show your skills.

For that you can register on these websites:

Indeed — I earned up to $20 per hour as I had a data entry background. If you have a data entry background this will be good for you.

Glassdoor — You have to bid on fast typing jobs here, you can easily get one.

Upwork — You have to compete for jobs here as a freelancer on a case-by-case basis, and the pay varies.

4. Make Money Typing Handwritten Documents

According to me the easiest way to make money online is to type handwritten documents. You have to type freehand notes and make clear and proper electronic documents, which are used for redistribution or for storage purposes.

Some jobs ask you to type it exactly as it is, even the typos or wrong spellings. I used Google Docs, PDF, Microsoft Word, or sometimes other formats as asked by the client.

However, some clients expect you to be good at correcting errors and adding titles, and subheadings to improve the content structure. These clients pay you more and such jobs are more profitable.

Here’s where you can find them:



Go Transcript


5. Make Money Typing Numbers

You can make money typing numbers if you are good with numbers.

While I was searching for data entry jobs I found several such online jobs which require us to perform simple operations and enter numbers into documents on Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Spreadsheet.

I had some experience working on such applications and my typing speed was good, so I could easily make money here, if you have any experience, you could consider this job.

I know some people who earned more money than other data entry job seekers because they had knowledge about applying formulas which makes data analysis and processing easier.

You can also do virtual bookkeeping if you have a finance background. Virtual bookkeeping requires typing and accounting skills.

Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are the freelancing sites where you can find typing numbers jobs.

6. Make Money Typing Subtitles

We all have watched movies with subtitles running at the bottom of the videos. These are mostly in the English language and translated from foreign languages.

You can do this job if you know how to read and write in different languages, you have to translate and type it in English or in the languages desired, You can do a subtitler’s job and get paid for typing subtitles.

This is where you will find the job for subtitler:

Rev — Make $1.50–3.00 per minute varies according to the language.

Go Transcript — You can earn up to $7-$10 per minute.

Hollywood Transcriptionist — you can make $16 per hour to type subtitles for movies and other shows.

7. Make Money Typing Words

While searching for typing jobs, I came across certain jobs that didn’t require much effort. I found jobs where you get paid for just typing words.

You have to do the transcription of text from scanned documents into electronic formats.

And other fewer effort jobs are data entry jobs but you have to be a permanent employee to get good pay.

As these kinds of jobs give you a time limit you have to at least have the speed of a transcriptionist.

These are the companies where you will find these jobs:

iWriter — You can earn $4 to $11 per hour.

DataPlus+ — Jobs here are strictly confidential as their clients are corporate and governmental.

DionData Solution — If you have a speed of at least 60wpm, you can get a job here.

Hard work and persistence have led me to 6 figure income today. Earning $1500 is no big deal if you keep up the hard work.

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