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1 Dead: Deadly Industrial Fire in Michigan Triggers Explosions, Debris Rains Down

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A massive industrial fire triggered a terrifying series of hundreds of explosions late Monday in the Detroit suburb of Clinton Township, raining debris for over a mile, killing one person and injuring several others.

The fire broke out around 8:40 p.m. at a warehouse facility belonging to Select Distributors, a company that stores nitrous oxide canisters as well as novelty items and general merchandise, according to authorities.

As firefighters responded to the scene at 19100 15 Mile Road, they witnessed a chaotic sight — exploding canisters and materials flying in all directions away from the burning building. Some projectiles landed nearly a mile away from the blaze.

We cannot stress enough the danger that is happening right now,” the Clinton Township Police Department warned in an urgent social media post, imploring residents to stay inside and away from the area.

Tragedy Strikes Amid the mayhem, tragedy struck. A 19-year-old, whose name has not been released, was fatally struck by flying debris from the explosions, according to Clinton Township Fire Chief Tim Duncan.

Several firefighters were also injured, including one hit by a canister that smashed through the windshield of a fire truck. The extent of their injuries was not immediately clear.

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As night fell, the scene remained one of pandemonium, with firefighters battling the raging blaze as more explosions periodically punctuated the smoke-filled air. Flames danced high into the night sky, visible for miles around.

“It just freaked me out because it wasn’t like one boom, it was continuous and it was very intense,” said Joleen Vultaggio, a resident of nearby Sterling Heights who heard the blasts from eight miles away.

Seeking Assistance and Evacuations

Quickly realizing the situation had spiraled out of control, the Clinton Township police and fire departments requested emergency assistance from surrounding jurisdictions. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) was also called in due to the combustible materials known to be housed at the facility.

With the threat of more potential explosions, authorities ordered evacuations of residents and businesses in the immediate vicinity. A wide perimeter was established to prevent injuries from the still-exploding projectiles.

Hazmat Deployed for Air Monitoring

While firefighters battled to contain the flames, hazardous materials crews fanned out to test air quality levels amid concerns over potential toxins from the smoke.

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Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel said preliminary tests detected smoke in the area west and north of the fire, carried by the winds. However, no hazardous materials had been detected as of late Monday night.

“Their concern right now is — obviously they’re taming the fire, but now, what’s going on with that air quality?” Mr. Hackel told a local TV station.

Continuing Clean-Up Efforts

By early Tuesday morning, the fires were largely contained, though crews remained on scene through the pre-dawn hours, clearing roads and parking lots of scattered debris.

Investigators were still working to determine the cause of the initial blaze, as well as get a fuller account of any injuries sustained during the hourslong ordeal.

The incident delivered a shocking reminder of the potential dangers surrounding industrial facilities that house explosive or combustible materials. Aired footage captured the sheer ferocity of the blasts — a stormy barrage of fiery projectiles exploding like mortar shells in all directions.

For those in the path of the debris field, the harrowing event will not be soon forgotten.

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“I just remember shaking, putting my hands over my head,” Melissa Puzevski, who lives about a mile from the facility, told the Detroit Free Press. “It was loud, it shook my house.”

Across neighborhoods in Clinton Township and nearby cities, residents no doubt held their breath each time a new explosion boomed through the night, wondering if another round of dangerous shrapnel could come hurtling their way.

An investigation is ongoing into the circumstances surrounding the initial blaze at the facility, which is located in an industrial and commercial area near I-94. Authorities have not reported any details on potential causes or how the materials may have ignited.

While the fires were contained by Tuesday morning, the incident’s impacts were still being assessed, from the tragic loss of life to the property damage caused by the scattered debris field to any potential environmental impacts from the smoke and combustion.

For a community shaken by such a dramatic and destructive industrial incident, the long process of understanding exactly what went wrong — and why — will be critical in the days and weeks ahead.

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